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Sears announces approval of funding for job creation

COLUMBUS - State Representative Barbara Sears (R- Sylvania) today
announced the release of $62,000 to Turbine Standard Ltd., located in
Springfield and Swanton townships. This project will help Turbine
Standard create 35 new full-time jobs and retain 17 existing full-time

Specifically, the State Controlling Board approved a Rapid Outreach
Grant to cover the costs associated with acquisition of equipment and
machinery, including hydraulic mules, engine hoists, aircraft jacks,
aircraft tow bars and avionics test equipment.

Kaptur votes against investigating her donations

In case you missed it, Marcy voted against HR 425 which called for an investigation into the donations the PMA Group gave to members of Congress and the earmarks the cleints received. Of course for those of you who need a reminder, Marcy's largest donor last election cycle was the PMA Group. 25 Democrats supported the resolution.
H. RES. 425


Raising a question of the privileges of the House.

Flake takes on earmarks, contributions and finds new PMA earmarks

One Representative has had enough and Jeff has identified some specific PMA earmarks in the omnibus spending bill, which is a new discovery.
ID'd specific earmarks.

“If clients of a lobbying firm currently under federal investigation are receiving earmarks in it, this bill has not received adequate scrutiny,” said Flake.

Flake also has an Opt-Ed in the New York Times:


More info comes out on the shady acts of Kaptur's largest contributor-more questions

More is being reported on Marcy Kaptur's largest donor last year, the lobbyist group PMA. There are some very shady campaign finance/lobbying reporting going on as reported by the Washington Post. This is potentially could be as big as Tom Noe or Jack Abramoff and you know how many people they brought down in 06. Has the Blade run any reports on this? I may have missed it.

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