Perryman hits a homerun

Really interesting article from The Sojourner Truth weekly newspaper. Rev. Perryman hits the nail on the head when he wonders what happened to the black enclaves that used to exist, and wonders why no one is building them now.
Goes right to what I said the other day about the Great Society not fulfilling it's promises but instead actually hurting black communities. Amen brother.

Government Motors Laying Off Workers

Interesting story from The Detroit News

GM trims salaried workers

White-collar ranks thinned slowly in global streamlining

Bryce G. Hoffman/ The Detroit News

General Motors Co. has quietly begun laying off white-collar workers as it works to consolidate its global operations.

The numbers are small ā€” a dozen here, a dozen there ā€” but more are coming before the end of the year.

Don Burnard Toledo Free Press Locked and loaded (Dec 20th)

In my Dec. 6 column, I was discussing the grave situation we find ourselves in, what with two unwinnable, and, as far as Iā€™m concerned, unjustifiable wars, an economy in shambles, double-digit unemployment and a decade of stagnant wages. So far, as is generally the case with politicians, their first concern has been to look out for the persons and institutions that played a huge part in getting us into this position. They, after all, by dint of their wealth, virtually control the political process.

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