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Worse Than Even My Retirement Plans (which suck)

DETROIT — A judge says General Motors has no legal obligation to make a $450 million payment for medical benefits for certain blue-collar retirees.

The payment was part of a 2007 agreement between GM and the United Auto Workers before the old GM filed for bankruptcy. But the provision was missing from a 2009 deal signed by the new GM that emerged from bankruptcy.

The deal was related to medical benefits for retirees who worked for GM or Delphi, a former affiliate.

Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in

Toledo Free Press
Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in
The November 15th column in the Toledo Free Press made hay with stories of doom from outside Toledo. In the story a unnamed developer (some source) stated that some businesspeople and suburban partners (again who and how many?) are concerned about the new Toledo Mayor Collins. Ironically most of jobs in the businesses the developer quoted were low wage unlivable jobs.

Why is Ron Paul helping Romney?

I have been saying this (see linked article) ever since Ron Paul went after Newt for "draft dodging" during an early debate. It made no sense to me, because, being the same age as Romney, and having grown up in Michigan at the same time as Romney... by the accepted definition of draft dodger at the time, Romney fit the definition.

Paul is not too stupid to know that Romney dodged the draft, and yet declined then and declines now to lay a glove on Romney.

Sylvania City Council Finds A New Way To Annex Township: WATER!!!!

When the attempt to annex Sylvania Township failed last fall, the folks at OneSylvania knew it would be three years before another attempt at a merger could take place. But Doug Haynam, a OneSylvania proponent and Sylvania City Council member, has already found a way to usurp the will of Sylvania Township residents. Hold them hostage for water!

Oil news in Toledo - Pickens in Toledo more Canadian oil sand crude on the way to Sunoco?

First, T. Boone Pickens was in Toledo today talking about his plan to wean America off of foreign oil.
You can read more at:{9359490A-D8D1-487A-A904-2D0E95636BBB}

Ok, if ya dont like ANWR, how' bout the 'shelf? (like China's gonna do?)

SO ... IS CHINA REALLY DRILLING OFF CUBA? (from Neal Boortz website)

Yesterday Florida Senator Mel Martinez said that China drilling off the coast of Cuba was merely an urban legend. But...

Chrysler, Nissan unveil car-truck production deal

DETROIT - Nissan Motor Co. said yesterday it will make a new small car designed by Chrysler LLC and Chrysler will make a full-size pickup truck designed by Nissan.

Both products will be sold in North America, and the new Chrysler subcompact will also be sold in Europe and other global markets starting in 2010. No financial details were disclosed.

Merci, Jean LeCain

Mayor: CitiFest failed to fulfill duty

CitiFest Inc. did not live up to expectations of
managing the Erie Street Market, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said
after reviewing a financial audit of the organization that he ordered.

"While there is no evidence of wrongdoing or misappropriation, it is
clear that CitiFest did not meet their managerial or fiduciary

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