Another Nfl player arrested for domestic violence

Jonathan Dwyer, a running back for the Arizona Cardinals, has been arrested and subsequently deactivated by the team. According to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Dwyer, 25, was booked into the Maricopa County Jail on one count of aggravated assault causing a fracture, one count aggravated assault involving a minor, two counts of criminal damage, one count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency, and assault."

The arrests happened after two separate incidents in July at his home involving a 27-year-old female and an 18-month old child. From the sound of the accusations, Dwyer broke a bone of one of the victims.

It's time for the NFL owners to stand-up and give the players a warning of what type of behavior will result in what kind of punishment. Otherwise, the League is going to begin to lose its casual fan base leaving only its fanatics.

Another way to cut back on future incidents is to make players who are troublemakers in college (e.g. Jameis Winston) undraftable. This can only happen if the team owners begin to put character above money.

What's wrong with this story?

Do you remember, as a kid, sitting in the doctor's waiting room reading Children's Highlights magazine? One of my favorite parts was the "What 's Wrong with This Picture?" game. If you were lucky, no other kid had already played the game--so you could be the first (if your parents would allow) to circle the mistakes (things like a fish on a leash or a flower pot on someone's head).

Well, here's a new game--What's Wrong with This Article?" I don't mean grammar or punctuation--but content. (Answers on the next page.)

The man accused of trying to kidnap a four-month-old baby from a hotel room is behind bars. The Toledo Police Department says Jaequan Smith was arrested Wednesday. According to investigators, the infant was left unattended at the Days Inn on Miami Street on Monday while the mother walked her boyfriend to his car. When she returned, Smith was allegedly leaving the hotel room with the baby in his arms, but was stopped.

AWOL Traitor Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Traded for Taliban Terrorists: “In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.’’

The policy of the United States government has always been we do not negotiate with terrorists. So why did the Obama administration release five of the worst GITMO jihadists – Taliban leadership – in exchange for an AWOL soldier – a traitor – who willingly walked away from his unit, raising the question of whether he could be charged with being absent without leave or desertion.

USA Today: Many called Bergdahl a traitor or a deserter. Stephen Kirouac, calling Bergdahl a “dirtbag” and “sympathizer,” was among many who seized on that speculation to criticize the rescued soldier.

Toledo Democrats endorse candidate for city council who comes from a law-breaking organization

So the Lucas County Democrat Party is endorsing Matt Cherry for the City Council spot vacated by incoming mayor Michael Collins. Cherry is a business representative for the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33. You remember that stellar organization--don't you?

That's the group whose members were caught stealing Romney campaign signs from private property and businesses in Lucas and Wood Counties. One can't say that these lawbreakers weren't prepared. When the Perrysburg police caught them, along with the stolen goods they found drills and other tools they used to steal 4 feet by 8 feet signs.

Two of the four men arrested held administrative positions in Local 33. Corey Beaubien is the Marketing Representative (ironic) and Chris Monaghan is a fellow business representative of Cherry. Not only does Monaghan remain in his position, it appears that Beaubien was promoted to his position after his arrest!

Zimmerman arrested again!

George Zimmerman, the racist poster child of the NRA showed once more why he is a pussy as he was arrested for beating on his wife AGAIN and threatening to shoot her with a shot gun. The lump of shit , who murdered a teenage boy who was beating his wimpy ass, needs guns to make him feel like a man, as most NRA members do . Neighbors have said that if Zimmerman and his wife got into a fist fight that his wife would kick his ass. Will this happen next? Wonder if he will pull out a gun and shoot her too ? What a piece of shit.

Meghan Gallagher Allegedly Abuses Fellow BOE Employee...Again

My sources in the BOE tell me that once again Ms Gallagher has lost the plot, and shown her total lack of respect towards her underlings. Ms. Gallagher allegedly verbally and physically abused a fellow colleague today. My sources also tell me that the BOE board members were so incensed with Ms Gallagher's behavior, that they had the yet unnamed employee file a incident report with the police and prosecutor.

Black bus driver watches 3 black boys savagely beat younger white boy
Officials said the bus driver from Lealman Intermediate School called for help when three students “ganged up” on a 13-year-old student, kicking and punching the victim.

The driver stopped the bus near 20th Avenue South and 51st Street. Police said the suspects used the emergency exit of the bus to escape.

Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight, and Lloyd Khemradj, all 15 years old, were arrested a short time later.


"It was a Sunday night when George Grier went to his car only
to find 5 gang members of the dreaded "MS13" in front of his
house, allegedly ready to invade his Uniondale, NY home.
He quickly ran into his home, told his wife to call the
police, and grabbed a legally-owned AK-47 to confront the
gang members, telling them to leave.
Instead, the gang dared him to use his gun,,and their
shouts brought another larger group of 20 more thugs to his
home, threatening... "You're dead! I'm gonna kill your family and your babies! You're DEAD!"

13 Year Old Boy Shot and Killed By His Neoghbor Right In Front Of His Mother

McDonald's Employee Arrested and Facing 20 Years For Spitting In Woman's Drink , South Carolina

A McDonald's employee is facing felony charges after caught spiting in two customers' cups of iced tea after the drinks were returned for not being sweet enough. Authorities in South Carolina say 19-year-old Marvin Washington Jr. was arrested Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food. 'They go home, pop the lids off their sweet tea to put some sugar in it and low and behold, to much of their surprise, a very large chunk of bodily fluid and phlegm in the top of their drink,' a health worker told WSPA.

A tragedy becomes a travesty

In tribute Trayvon Martin the students at one Miami school decided to ransack a local business.

North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday ransacking and shoplifting from a Walgreens store.

Just When You Thought Penn State Tragedy Couldn't Get Any More Slimy

Proving that there is no level too low to which the mainstream media won't stoop, the NBC reporter who is covering the Penn State child molestation case was arrested for drunk driving after attending a party at the home of Jerry Sandusky's lawyer. It seems that the reporter, Jay Gray, attended the party in hopes of convincing Sandusky's lawyer to choose NBC for an exclusive interview with the football coach who is accused of molesting several young boys.

NBC reporter arrested for drunk driving after 'attending football party at Sandusky's lawyer's house'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Arrested protester outed as a lying liberal from a rich family...

Here below is the heart wrenching story of Robert Stephens ...he's protesting because chase bank forclosed on his parents house....

Kaptur Donor Indicted for Funneling Campaign Contributions

Donor funnels money to get around campaign limits, the recipeient is Marcy Kaptur. Read more at the Lake Currents story:

Roll Call is reporting today that PMA Founder Paul Magliocchetti was arrested and charged with making hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of fraudulent campaign contributions to members of Congress.

Tonya Craft Trial - Local Media Soap Opera Makes The Large Time

Tonya Craft, a kindergarten teacher at Chickamauga Elementary School in Chickamauga, Ga., is on trial in Catoosa County for 22 counts of child molestation and other charges. Since being arrested and charged in 2008, Craft has maintained her innocence. This whole time the Tonya Craft trial had been a local media soup opera up until Thursday, when NBC's Today show team descended upon Chickamauga to give local merchants' a pay day.

One church, four was home to four men convicted of sexual crimes against youth in Toledo

St James Holiness Church of God in Christ in Toledo may have a set a nauseating new low. The church has had four convicted pedophiles operating in ministry with the Pastor’s knowledge. But that’s only the beginning of this shocking story which truly symbolizes why drastic reform is needed in COGIC now.

The pastor of St James, William James, Jr. didn’t put the men out of the church, it took legal action against them to stop their predatory activities.

Barak Houssain Obama shows he has his priorities straight. Today on Yahoo....

On Yahoo today. The "Top Stories" show what Barry Obamas priorities really are. While the unemployment rate in America approaches 10%, all Barak Sotero worries about is if Chicago gets to host the Olympic Games. What a pathetic excuse for a "president".

Road rage suspect cleared of charges

WOOD COUNTY, OH - Felony charges against a Tennessee man accused of stabbing Toledo radio personality Troy Neff during a road rage incident in December have been dropped.

Last week the case against Jeffrey T. Hardeman, 42, was dismissed after the Wood County grand jury failed to return formal indictment against the Knoxville, Tenn., man.

R.I.P. * Bettie Page*

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This dear lady was in my top ten women of all time....probably the first 'pinup queen' I ever saw, also the very first 'nylons' or S&M pics(making me a pervert forever).

1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85

McCain supporter threatens to kill Secretary of State Brunner

A Columbus-area man charged with making a death threat against Ohio's top elections official is being held in lieu of $1 million bail in hopes that he remains in custody for a psychiatric evaluation.

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