How I Managed to Expose Alleged Embezzlement by Department of Justice's Third--In- Command Tony West, Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, HUD's Ophelia Basgal to Unlawfully Benefit "Obama for America"

The following is a narrative describing the suspicious circumstances relating to non-profit entity CaliforniaALL (FEIN Number 51-0656213), Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, United States Department of Justice's Tony West, Department of Housing and Urban Development's Ophelia Basgal, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster, and Chris Young of Keker & Van Nest.

The narrative is divided to 4 parts: 1. General Introduction; 2. Introduction of Actors; 3. Fortuitous Discovery of CaliforniaALL; and 4. Factual Background Regarding CaliforniaALL.

Black Swamp Conservancy Partners With Community Foundation to Establish Endowment Fund


Black Swamp Conservancy Partners With Community Foundation to Establish Endowment Fund
Fund is Part of Conservancy’s Planned Giving Program

Perrysburg, OH (December 23, 2009) Black Swamp Conservancy has established an endowment fund with Toledo Community Foundation.

The fund is known as “Black Swamp Conservancy Endowment Fund.”

Oil news in Toledo - Pickens in Toledo more Canadian oil sand crude on the way to Sunoco?

First, T. Boone Pickens was in Toledo today talking about his plan to wean America off of foreign oil.
You can read more at:{9359490A-D8D1-487A-A904-2D0E95636BBB}

New Venture in Canada’s Oil Sands: Toledo to process Canadian crude

The British oil company BP and Husky Energy said yesterday they would form a joint venture linking a BP Ohio refinery with Husky’s Sunrise oil sands project in Alberta in what is the latest in a series of deals integrating Canadian oil production and United States processing.

Residents to share vision for North Toledo


Picture North Toledo in five years. What do you see?

United North wants to know.

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