Don Burnard Toledo Free Press Locked and loaded (Dec 20th)

In my Dec. 6 column, I was discussing the grave situation we find ourselves in, what with two unwinnable, and, as far as I’m concerned, unjustifiable wars, an economy in shambles, double-digit unemployment and a decade of stagnant wages. So far, as is generally the case with politicians, their first concern has been to look out for the persons and institutions that played a huge part in getting us into this position. They, after all, by dint of their wealth, virtually control the political process.

Inform, don’t inflame

Written by Don Burnard | | opinion@toledofreepress.com
Well, well, did I finally strike a nerve? When I wrote the Sept. 20 column, “No tea, thanks,” I thought I would give you on the Right a taste of your own medicine. It’s not pleasant to be called names, is it? As for the citations on fascism, etc., I stand by them. I was particularly impressed by all the dittoheads who wrote in to say that no one else does their thinking for them; they are perfectly capable of rational thought themselves. (MORE)

No tea, thanks

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