Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania

Attention, all residents of Sylvania Township that do not live in the city of Sylvania. You are about to be shafted by the Sylvania City Government and the Sylvania Township Trustees. These are the same trustees that the Sylvania Township residents elected to protect the residents against this type of abuse, and who are proving to be nothing more than paid political flaks for the mayor of Sylvania, Lord Stough. All three of them should be tarred, feathered and impeached.


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People live in the township because they enjoy freedom and the benefits of being free from the draconian laws and high income tax in the city of Sylvania.

The classification of Sylvania Twp as a Township is by name only. Townships aren't supposed to sprawl with population and commercial developments.

There are a couple of Sylvania City Councilmen who think the tax rate should be lowered because of the surplus. I believe that Doug Haynam and Mark Bula are two of them...but I also read that Mark's wife has accepted a job in Memphis and he will be resigning.

Personally, I'm a fan of the township governance structure...but I haven't seen the whole report that was commissioned, just the summary. Both are available at this website:

Property taxes won

You forget about though that 80% of Sylvania and Sylvania Twp. residents do not work within the their respective limits. That means you're receiving 80% of income tax from OUTSIDE. My income taxes won't be going up if they implement it, I work in Millbury. Yea, our property taxes are high right now but if they follow strictly was stated in the article, their will be a savings in property tax.

I'm not trying to be overly optimistic here, but I'm only going to be critical of what's on the table now. As what the study says, their would be a savings in property tax while income tax (where the majority of city and twp residents won't be affected) would slightly increase. However, I'd like to see how they answer to the fact that costs for an increase in services. Would the slight income tax be able to pay for those to the point that property tax taxes could be lowered, or will they still maintain current property tax rates in the name of the increased services?

"My income taxes won't be going up if they implement it, I work in Millbury."

That is not true. Toledo++, you are paying the milbury tax, but if Syl. Township implements such a tax, you will have to file and pay the Township half the rate you're already paying.

I surprisingly agree with Madjack. The point of the township is not to have to pay city taxes. But somebody made a good point about the population boom and the expansion of business in the township. It is reasonable, under the circumstances, that these portions of the township would be annexed by the city. The fact is, the Meijers and Wal-Marts moved in so they wouldn't have to pay the income tax. But the township should have known that this would cause pressure from the city to annex and/or enforce a tax on those portions of the township. With these businesses, more services are required, which are performed by the cities of Toledo and Sylvania. It's an interesting dilemma. If the township wishes to remain a township, it should be more careful in the future so that it does not have to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers.

I'd like to know how it goes.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I read that about Mark Bula as well. I guess we know who wears the pants in his family!

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So tell me, AStan, why'd you let that happen?

Mad Jack
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I'm basing this statment on experience. Look, Township residents don't pay city income tax right now. If the merger takes place, that will change and township residents will pay city income tax. That leaves property tax as a seperate issue.

Tell me, Toledo++, just when was the last time you saw a tax on anything either repealed or lowered? The very best township residents could hope for is a temporary lapse on the incredibly high property tax they pay now. Property tax will be reinstated, if it ever ceases.

What is worse is that township residents will be paying these staggeringly high taxes for a list of services they don't want and don't need.

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That's twice we agree on something. Junta is correct regarding Meijers, etc. building in Sylvania Township. The same is true of small businesses. Another reason Junta has mentioned indirectly is, "because we can". Township trustees are supposed to prevent uncontrolled growth, both commercial and residential. In that area, Sylvania Township trustees have not only failed, but they have encouraged large commercial enterprises in areas where the infrastructure is not in place, and to such an extent that services such as police and fire are stretched too thin to support the growth.

In plain English, stop building stuff! Now! Right now!

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From Toledo++ Yea, our property taxes are high right now but if they follow strictly was stated in the article, their will be a savings in property tax.

What if 'they' fail to follow the plan as outlined? Instead of staring at your monitor, I suggest that you look three or four years down the road.

No sarcasm is intended here. On the surface, the plan may look palatable, but there is no provision for the future, and that's where people are going to be taxed right out of their own homes, and provided with a whole host of services that they neither want nor need.

Believe me, the less government we have, the better off we'll be.

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Beg pardon?


Believe it or not, many of us who recently moved to the township did so to escape the confiscatory taxes of Toledo. Now more liberals are moving to the township and want to expand government along with their move to this area.

Unless the township residents are prepared to fight this cash grab they are in for an ever expanding municipal government imposed upon them by Toledo liberals seeking to escape to the suburbs.

You can either choose to pay the taxes that will be levied by a municipal government, or use that money to fight the impending doom that it may cause if the efforts are successful.

Anyone who is against this proposal is invited to contact me.

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