Desperate People Do Desperate Things - Dwayne Morehead's Personnel File Put On Public Display

The press conference at Government Center today to protest the termination of Dwayne Morehead was attended by members of the community and the Press. The Toledo Journal, The Soujouner Truth, The Toledo Blade, Channel 13 and WSPD radio attended. A number of concerned citizens attended as well. Brian Schwartz and Calvin Brown from the City of Toledo were on-lookers as well as some staff from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission who were there as observers, but did not participate. A very strange thing happened during the press conference. Dwayne Morehead's personnel file from the City of Toledo ended up in the hands of the press and citizens. I wasn't aware that an employee's personnel file was public information and can be given to anyone who walks off the street.I took a moment to speak with Mr. Morehead and discovered that this was the first time he had seen the file. Maybe government is different, but it has been my experience that an employee's personnel file is considered similar to a person's medical records. If the City of Toledo Personnel files are public, there are at least three people I know of whose personnel file I would like to obtain. Swamp Bubblers, do you think employees' personnel files should be handed out by the Mayor to anyone who stops in or happens to be just walking by?

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my knowledge they are open to the public. With TPS you have to sign a form stating who you are and the name of the person's file you would like to look at, although you must come back the next day to actually view it. I have heard of certain people trolling through these files in an effort to dig dirt up. Passing them out at a news conference does seem pretty shady though.

me that the ship is sinking and remember what where dealing with here a bunch of rats.

rescue me

if someone posts Moorehead's personnel file online?

...are public records, but some information (like ss #s and any medical enrollment forms with children/spouse data) can be private and must be redacted before being shown. Further, there are some exceptions to the law for law enforcement personnel.

Yes, very few people realize these files are public.

This is a good brief on Ohio public records law:

And the actual reference is to Ohio Revised Code 149.43 (note a new version of this section goes into effect on 9-29-07)

There there is this on page 2 of this newsletter from the State Personnel Board of Review:

"The public has a right to know certain information about its employees, such as name, work address, salary, job classification and title, job performance. (See R.C. 124.09(C), R.C. 149.43(B)(1)). However, a public employee also has the right to non-disclosure of personal or confidential information contained in his or her personnel file. In applying the Public Records Act to public record requests involving personnel files of governmental employees, the Ohio Supreme Court has balanced the public

Why sorry?

Spreading information should not require an apology.

Thanks for the info.

public. I have viewed the personnel files of TPS employees many times not so much to find dirt because "dirt" is usually redacted from the file, although it should not be. One way to show disparate treatment is to compare two people's qualifications and their evaluations, etc which would be in a personnel file.

Passing out a personnel file though, is really shady.

Even I wouldn't do that LTLOP

Carty and the OBC fight dirty. Here's a funny tho...a month ago I asked the Schwartz for a particular employee's file..not a word the files at "At their discretion". The reason the hold the file I want?? well, I can only assume that it's to protect high ranking personel as good ole' brian knew exactly who I was talking about and why I wanted it. Letting Morehead's file fly thru the crowd is nothing new for Evil People.

behavior. I was aware that public employees records are available to the public. But I thought they had to be requested via an open records request. I highly doubt it's an appropriate use of employee records - this was the equivalent of publishing it.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

A very reliable source informed me that the file appeared to be almost 3/4" to 1" thick with information from 2003. They said the reason the file was so thick was because there were three copies of each document in the file so that it would appear very thick. In addition, the information in the file is invalid. The city rules state that the information was supposed to be removed 18 months after the document was placed in the file. Its been 4 years since since the last document was placed in the file. It appears to me that this is such a gross injustice and the only thing the City can do to protect themselves is to slur Mr. Morehead. The harassement of Mr. Morehead continues.

...the administration to put out such information is if it was about past discipline (which shouldn't be public information to begin with). Discipline is supposed to be "corrective" in nature, and not a matter for the public.

Old South End Broadway

I've been told that discipline at the City of Toledo is not meant to be corrective. It is meant to be punitive. Many of those who are disciplined just find better ways to commit the same offense or different offenses. According to some employees in the Department of Public Service, the managers and supervisors get a rush out of discipling employees for the tiniest infractions. One employee said that her supervisor's eyes swell like they are a little kid looking through the glass of a candy store when they think they can punish someone. She also said the supervisor gets excited like a football player does just before the big game. After being at the City for over 15 years they noticed that new supervisors don't initially show these traits, but its the culture that turns them into power junkies. The managers think of the employees as a nothing more than drones. If the employee is a minority or woman the managers' excitement is more intense, almost like they enjoy it like a special treat. If the employee is a woman or a minority they are automatically guilty. She told me about an incident where a minority employee bought a new car and saw a fellow employee take a sharp object and scratched the paint on the car. Several other employees also saw the guilty person. Instead of disciplining the offending employee the managers wrote the minority employee up for poor job performance, saying that if the employee was where they were supposed to be they would have never witnessed the incident in the parking lot. This incident occurred during a regularly scheduled break, but the supervisor took the position that the employee should have been on break in another part of the building, not near the parking lot.

I worked in private industry all my life and its a No! No! to say anything or provide anything about an ex-employee except for the position they held, their duties and their length of employment at that organization. Anything more than that, positive or negative, is grounds for a lawsuit. I saw this with my own eyes. If you wanted a copy of Mr. Morehead's personnel file all you had to do was hold out your hands and it was placed in your hands.

...apologizing for the long post...but there's no easy way to give that much information...


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