Moody To Detail Plan For Saving Neighborhoods - Updated

On Thursday, April 30, Mayoral Candidate Jim Moody will detail his plan to save neighborhoods from blight, increase affordable home ownership and help increase revenue to the City of Toledo. First mentioned in his mayoral announcement, Moody will detail plan implementation, a new special mortgage funding program and the positive economic impact to Toledo's treasury.

Representative Sears Announces Passage of State Budget

COLUMBUS- State Representative Barbara R. Sears (R- Sylvania) yesterday
announced the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 1, the
two-year, $54 billion state operating budget. The bill includes funding
for the operation of state government agencies and services.

The House-passed version of House Bill 1 increases government spending
by more than $1 billion over the next two years. House Democrats
established the proposal using a more optimistic growth in tax revenue
projections than the governor's proposal, when all indicators point to a


WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), a member of the House Committee on the Budget, made the following statement after voting against the FY2010 Federal Budget Conference Committee report.

"Unfortunately, the Conference Committee did nothing to improve the budget. This budget still contains a $423 billion tax increase over the next five years and a spending plan that will double the national deficit in five years and triple it in the next ten. The Democrat Leadership and Obama Administration have once again presented a budget

Obama's REAL first 100 days.

Obama and his good friend Hugo Chavez

Gangs soliciting money for protection?

My mother lives in Toledo and one of her neighbors said she heard gangs are soliciting money fir protection, She said for $50 / month they would protect you and your property. I was appalled by this but then I gave it some thought and I think that is a small price to pay for protection with the upcoming police layoffs. There is a large number of Toledoans
scared so it is not so hard to believe.

BP and Huskey may scale back oil sands project - how will it affect the Oregon refinery?

UK supermajor BP and Canadian integrated Husky Energy may “scale back” their Sunrise oil sands project in Alberta as they seek to cut costs.

Husky boss John Lau earlier this week estimated development costs at $2.5 billion, compared with an agreement in 2007 to spend about $5.5 billion through 2015.

The partners have delayed a final investment decision on the project until next year on expectation of falling industry costs.

King's children prostitute themselves

$800,000 payments to King children? No comment
Funds going for 'use' of image, words for National Mall memorial


Friends of Library April 2009 Book Sale

From Darkseid's workspace

Friends of Library Book Sale, April 2009

Reynolds Corners Shopping Center,
1301 Reynolds Road (southwest corner of Reynolds Road and Dorr Street).

April 23, 24, 25

Thurs. noon-4 p.m. (FOL members only!) 4 p.m. — 7 p.m. (public sale)
Fri. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Sat. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Hardcover books $1
Paperbacks 50 ¢
Books on tape $1
Children's hardbound 50 ¢
Children's paperbacks 25 ¢
Videos $1
Magazines 25 ¢

Children in the Fields Campaign Launches Advocacy Effort to Inform Public on U.S Child Farmworkers

Major Initiative Supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Will Be Used to Build Grass Roots Support in Texas, California, North Carolina, Michigan and Ohio

Washington, D.C – Through a 1.4 million dollar grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) will work to build grass roots support in five key states to combat the exploitation of U.S farmworker children.

No personal car, no hot water. Is Toledo headed this way?

The contrast between the haves and have nots is big around the world. I just spent a week in Manila , then a week in rural Philippines. There are a couple of huge 5 story malls there in the city, then outside there are dirty children begging- there is no welfare system. It wasn't as bad as the slumdog movie , but the contrast is big. The prices are close to ours, food is cheaper, goods are higher. The wages are very low, a store clerk makes around 300-350 $ U.S. equivalent per month.

Libbey to be delisted 4/20

100 years ago Libbey was big. Now it is fighting for respect.


Libbey Inc. (NYSE: LBY) announced today that it has received notice from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that trading of the Company's stock will be suspended prior to the market opening on April 20, 2009 and the shares will be delisted.

School board in Oregon plans teacher, staff layoffs

The Oregon school board last night approved a plan to lay off 31 teachers, 2 administrators, and up to 30 other staff members next school year to save nearly $3.2 million a year.

If that isn't enough, 13 more teaching, administrative, and staff positions will need to be eliminated, bringing the total savings to nearly $3.8 million, Superintendent Mike Zalar said.

THEN he says:

Students, Mr. Zalar said, will encounter minimal impact from the changes.

When We are led to Believe a Lie

If you believe the Motley Fool and other “stock advisors” in the business press, 90% of GM’s losses can be attributed to the UAW which accounts for 10% of a vehicle’s cost.

The math may seem a bit obtuse but the politics is clear as fizz. The UAW’s disproportionate responsibility for the automakers’ unprofitability is based on the same sort of accounting whiz that led GM to claim they lost $39 billion in November 2007 due to “deferred tax credits”.

If it smells like b.s. and it looks like b.s., trust your common sense and skip the taste test.

Anybody know anything about buying used cars for cheap?

I've been trying to find my 85 yr old dad a used car for a month (within a 50 mile radius of Grand Rapids, Ohio, where he lives - he tires easily.) He totaled his 1995 Toyota Celica, and wants a car about that same size (a 2/D Sebring is "too big" he said), no older than a 2000, is partial to foreign cars (thorn in my side) - but if I found a car that is not foreign that is small & he likes it, he'd consider it (he's really not informed about what cars are anymore anyway, but has stubborn ideas in his head - like "I won't drive a Pontiac even if ya gave it to me" - no history or logic is be

Carty to level Southwyck

Carty is rushing to level Southwyck even though the deficit grows by $5 million every week. Maybe we need to see who owns the land around Southwyck and tie it back to His Honor? Remeber his Condos? We paid for that too.

Auto suppliers get 5 billion in aid

The feds decide to continue with the handouts, and who really cares. It is only a 5 billion dollar bailout to auto suppliers.
The Treasury Department will pump up to $5 billion in financing into troubled auto parts suppliers to prevent an auto industry collapse that could undermine the government's work to restructure General Motors and Chrysler.

PMA Scandal Update March 16. 2009

Dirty Money: Rep. Jason Altmire, D-PA
WHAT: Altmire received the following dirty money: Communication Workers of America (PAC) $5,000 in 2008 election cycle; Boilermakers Union PAC $10,000 in 2008 election cycle; $9,100 in 2006 election cycle; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (PAC) $5,000 in 2008 election cycle; $13,500 in 2006 election cycle. American Federation of Government Employees (PAC) $3,500 in 2008 election cycle; $500 in 2006 election cycle. PMA Group (PAC) $7,000 in 2008 election cycle.

Ohio House Votes to Implement Freeway Photo Radar

Of course this is only for saftey.

The program allows the state to lower the speed limit in "construction zones" on freeways so long as there is one designated worker present. A private, for-profit company will station speed camera vehicles in these zones to photograph motorists and generate a $250 ticket -- plus an unspecified fee -- mailed up to ninety days after the alleged offense took place.

Obama's plan to give Hamas $900 million

I have a question of our new President's plan to give $900 million to rebuild The Gaza Strip. Who is in charge of Gaza? If a group had organized to collect money for Hama's 2 years ago, their accounts would have been frozen and they would have been imprisoned for supporting a terrorist organization. What do you think Hamas will do with $900 million? Do you really think that we would have any control of that money once it gets there? Do you think they will now start building schools that will educate boys and girls in enlightened ways, or in the old ways of hate that keeps them in power?

Latta oposes H.R. 1

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following
statement after he and all 178 House Republicans voted against H.R. 1,
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

"Unfortunately, H.R. 1, the Democrat's spending bill, is still
fundamentally flawed and the Conference Committee did nothing to change
the fact that this is basically a pork barrel bill by the Democrat
majority in Congress and the administration. No one had time to read
this legislation which will cost American taxpayers over $1 trillion, in

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