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Interested in learning how to actually use social media tools for business?

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Then, mark your calendar and register for Social Media Breakfast-Toledo on Friday, Oct. 2, 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Business Power Tools
A smart executive's guide to using Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter to drive business results:

* Do you know where searchers turn when google lets them down?

* Do you know the difference between search marketing and find marketing?

SMB-Toledo #6: Business Power Tools' on Social Media Breakfast Toledo!

Event Description:
The Oct. 2 Social Media Breakfast-Toledo will feature Charlie Wollborg of Curve Detroit. His focus is:

Business Power Tools: A smart executive's guide to using Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter to drive business results

> Do you know where searchers turn when Google lets them down?

> Do you know the difference between search marketing and find marketing?

> Do you know how to turn strangers into prospects and customers into evangelists?

Bob Latta makes the YouTube blog answering questions on healthcare

This was posted on 8/22 but worth mentioning. Latta got the chance to answer questions on healthcare from Internet users in the following video, which was moderated by YouTube. The official YouTube blog is a major blog with Feedburner reporting over 2 million readers. This is some great exposure for Latta.

Karate-chopping judge candidate?

Thought someone would (or wouldn't) appreciate this video clip of local judge candidate Mark Davis breaking bricks in super slow-mo on YouTube. The clip is titled "Attorney Breaking Bricks Slow Motion" and you can go to:

For starters, I really just want to ask "WHY?" But the comments are actually pretty hilarious!

One last thing...did he steal the Van Halen "wings" font for his campaign posters?? Long live VH!!

Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

A video posted on showing Toledo mayoral candidate Ben Konop "fighting" a heckler who falls and rolls on an American flag was removed from the site less than a day after it was posted. The video posted Wednesday at 4:08 p.m, was titled "Ben Konop Kicks the Nachos Out of Hecklers."

Xunlight Wins Red Herring 100 North America and Going Green Award

Xunlight wins two awards:

AP threatens affiliate for embedding video their site

 The Associated Press has proven it really has no clue on what it is doing. Yesterday it threatened a radio station for embedding the content from AP's YouTube site on their own site. When the radio station manager asked AP if it is a crime to embed the video when they allowed it on the YouTube site, they had no answer but said the videos must come down. If that was not bad enough, the radio station was an AP affiliate. No wonder people are leaving the Associated Press left and right.

East Toledoans charged with impersonating police on YouTube

I don't know if you saw this today or not.
Three East Toledo men who posted two videos on YouTube showing people impersonating plainclothes police officers were charged Wednesday, police said.

YouTube: a reason to have fun this election

Ok, I am not usually a MTV news fan, but they did a writeup on how YouTube will not allow people to forget gaff's this year. At least someone is having fun :)

Video site scooped the journalism star

I saw this interesting article on CNET, which talks about YouTube and how people are posting video of an event (like the cop attacking the biker) and really scooping the media. The author talks about the relationship between the professional journalists and the blogger community and how the journalists have the ability to develop the story.

Political Videos from Fans - Best of the Worst YouTube Compilation

I found this on YouTube. It's hilarious. Below is a cut/paste description from the YouTube person that created it (

In Campaign 2008, YouTube has become a forum for voters (and some candidates) to voice their political preferences in song. There's not a Grammy contender in the bunch. Here's a glimpse of the best of the worst.

Toledo's bad Youtube behavior: Abusing homeless, impersonating cops, vandalism, the whole 9 yards, and lots of questions

I frequently scour the Internet looking for what shows up about this area and what people are saying. On Friday evening I came across one of the most disturbing Youtube videos I have seen and it was made here in Toledo, most likely by a group on the East Side. Seeing the videos made me sick and wondered why people would do such a thing.

Hospital in hot water over YouTube video of rectal surgery

MANILA (AFP) - Staff at a Philippine government hospital are under investigation after a former patient threatened a lawsuit over a YouTube video clip of his rectal surgery, officials said Thursday.

Is Jon Stainbrook ruining his trust?

For those of you who are on "the Net" and in tune with politics, you know Jon recently posted some videos of Lucas County Party Executive Director Joanne Wack where she was talking in a conversation, took snippets of the conversation and posted it on Youtube. Apparently there is 45 minutes of it, although the clips that have been posted really don't make any shocking revelations.

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