Xunlight Corporation

750 Square Feet of Solar Power per Hour

After three years of researching, developing, fund-raising, and expanding, Toledo solar tech start-up Xunlight Corp. grew up yesterday by delivering its first shipment of commercially manufactured solar modules. It went to the University of Toledo, the institution that played a significant role in the company's birth.

The modules will be installed on a 10-kilowatt thin-film solar array on the grounds and the roof of the university's Scott Park campus, which is being renamed the Campus of Energy and Innovation.

Xunlight Wins Red Herring 100 North America and Going Green Award

Xunlight wins two awards:

Background on Xunlight

I don't know if this was reported before, but if you wonder why Xunlight is getting so much investment, but that is because they have around $271 million in contracts for solar cells. I was wondering for a long time why all of this money is being given to Xunlight.

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