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Pounds: Toledo Free Press to close

Pounds: Toledo Free Press to close

We fought long and hard to make sure this day would never come, but it’s with a heavy heart that I must announce Toledo Free Press is closing.


Between years of legal wrangling and ongoing struggles with predatory ad pricing from a competitor, business conditions are such that we can no longer continue.

Toledo Free Press “Star” debuts

Toledo Free Press launched its new “Star” issue on March 10. It is the only free weekly print source for arts coverage in NW Ohio.

“Our company is five years old, and we are very grateful to the region’s readers and advertisers for their role in helping us build a relevant and positive source for community news,” said Tom Pounds, president and publisher of Toledo Free Press. “This expansion offers a new demographic for content, readers and advertising messages.”

Toledo Free Press to begin publishing 2 days a week


A major media business expansion will be announced at 2 p.m. Thursday, February 25 at the Westfield Mall Franklin Park 16 Cinema De Lux theaters. Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce President Mark V’Soske and Regional Growth Partnership President and CEO Steve Weathers will join Toledo Free Press President and Publisher Thomas F. Pounds to announce that Lucas County’s largest circulation Sunday newspaper will expand to publishing two days a week starting March 10.

Affidavit ties Sanders to TPS investigation and Foley - contrary to public statements that they did not know what was going on

Toledo Free Press has the latest breaking news.....I think there are more involved. Blade also now has a story on the auditor findings.
Foley signed checks and Sanders provided tips. Is this an example of a district out of control? This is the behavior that is bred when there is a lack of accountability by the local media and by the board. Larry Sykes is oddly quiet about this whole thing.

Lucas County GOP failed to report 2008 in-kind donation

Jon Stainbrook and the party Treasurer James Damas failed to report a donation-in-kind in 08. Read more at the Toledo Free Press.

Prosecutors have been informed that an in-kind donation given to the Lucas County Republican Party was not reported in accordance with state campaign finance laws.

An Interesting Story Missed by Glass City Jungle

"A former UT dean has threatened Glass City Jungle operator and Toledo Free Press fact checker Lisa Renee Ward with legal action and is accusing her of racial bias," read the words from this weeks Toledo Free Press.

I find it very interesting that the Blade is castigated for not reporting "the news" and Lisa Renee has not reported this "newsworthy" story on her blog Glass City Jungle. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. Or the pot not calling the kettle anything, just ignoring it.

Lindsay Webb Quarterly Report

Vote in the Primary for one Mayoral Candidate and six City Council At-Large Candidates … and


Proposed Charter Amendment

Section 26 – The Council

Issue 2 reduces number of politicians & bureaucrats, and puts you first.

As the election nears, I continue to ask you to vote YES on Issue 2 to ratify this Charter Amendment regarding the size of Council.

Change or more of the same?

Excerpts from Webb’s guest column regarding Issue 2 appeared in the June 11, 2009 edition of the Toledo Free Press, and updates:

Compass hires new president

From the Toledo Free Press:

The new president of a Lucas County alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility is looking to stretch dollars and maximize services through better coordination with other agencies.

GM workers’ auction supports 13-year-old cancer patient

From the Toledo Free Press:

Troy Winkelman recently found himself facing months of chemotherapy without a stable family health insurance plan because his father was laid off from General Motors.

Program increases child support funds, decreases prison population

From the Toledo Free Press:

James Taylor has six children, including a 3-year-old who has cerebral palsy. He pays child support for all of them — without a steady income because he hasn’t secured a job.

After a long history of selling drugs and finding himself in and out of prison, finding employment might have been impossible a few years ago. Failure to afford child support would have left him behind bars.

Prosecutor receives GOP signature evidence

From the Toledo Free Press:

Lucas County Board of Elections Director Linda Howe confirmed Aug. 6 that evidence regarding possible forgeries on local GOP documents have been delivered to the Lucas County Prosecutor.

Lucas County Republican Party treasurer signature oddities goes to prosecutor

Free Press has the latest:
The Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office criminal division will begin investigating financial election documents that were signed under the Lucas County Republican Party treasurer’s name.

The signatures, signed as James Damas, were found inconsistent by multiple handwriting experts contacted by Toledo Free Press after the documents were questioned by Glass City Jungle operator and TFP Fact Checker Lisa Renee Ward. TFP requested July 30 that the Board of Elections (BOE) conduct an investigation.

GOP finance signatures raise questions of authenticity

This is getting interesting:
Toledo Free Press (TFP) sent a letter to the Lucas County Board of Elections and Ohio Secretary of State July 30, alerting them to potential inconsistencies among signatures on Lucas County Republican Party campaign finance reports and other official documents.

Smoke on the Water 2009 - Updated

7/23 Update:
Smoke on the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross Entertainment Headlined By
Presidents of the United State of America and Chuck Wicks

Song of Toledo Winners, Mayoral Candidates Part of Event

The largest ribs event in northwest Ohio, the 2009 Columbia Gas Smoke on
the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross, proudly announces their full
entertainment schedule.

In addition to national headliners Presidents of the United States of
America and Chuck Wicks, Smoke on the Water features Toledo's Mayoral
candidates on Saturday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. Each candidate will

live report - Fred and Mike at CoL meeting

This is the Children of Liberty meeting at the Sanger branch library. Fred Lefebre ( how do you spell that) spoke , now Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press is up . These two are both funny, regardless if you agree with them or not. Miller looks younger than his FP photo.
Fred spoke of the media battles in Toledo. The newspaper , the tv stations, the radio, the weekly paper.

Education Series #2: Ins and Out of Media Relations

WHO: The Children of Liberty

WHAT: Education Series #2 "Ins and Outs of Media Relations"

WHEN: Monday, June 29th 6:30-8:30pm

3030 West Central Ave.
Toledo OH 43606

WHY: To become educated regarding the major media/news outlets: newspaper, television and radio.

Sec. of State: Kriner will stay on BOE

Toledo Free Press is reporting that Brunner has said Kriner will stay on the Board of Elections. Looks like Jon will sue. Is anyone surprised? Does the threat of being labeled someone who sues all the time extend to his job as chair? Let's hope so. :)
Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has informed Hans Schnapp, Secretary of the Lucas County Republican Party, that Patrick Kriner’s appointment to the Lucas County Board of Elections will be upheld. Her June 3 letter may be read here.

TFP follow up on Thurber-gate (2009)

Michael Miller closes the book on Thurber-gate 2009 with an interesting article in the Toledo Free Press.

Apparently there were two other instances of plagiarism by the author in question.

"Toledo Free Press paid for an audit of its content going back 24 months, checking a sampling of each contributor’s work. That investigation revealed two more instances — Dec. 21, 2007 and Dec. 19, 2008 — in which Thurber failed to cite a source. Those articles have been amended online."

Plagiarism for the Vets

So I was reading this interesting blog post called "Plagiarism for the Vets", and I noticed a lot of similarities in a recent Toledo Free Press article. Can anyone else notice the similarities?

Toledo Police Officers Allegedly Beat Up 14-Year-Old Teenager Trevor Casey

The original video:

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