NBC, And Doctored 911 Call

Well, well, well. It seems NBC doctored the Zimmerman 911 call. That should NOT be surprising, since NBC is also famous for getting caught putting ignitors in General Motors' truck gas tanks, to advance THAT story line. An exec. got fired for that stunt, as should another get fired for this one.

How many people are in the Toledo Olympic blackout?

My view of the Olympics this year:

I don't live that far from NBC 24, but for some reason most of the year NBC 24 is not available over the air for me. I am not a subscriber to cable or any other TV provider and have been content with over the air and Internet, especially of lately. Hulu has made it so that it really does not bother me missing my favorite NBC shows on NBC 24, but the Olympics have made me notice how their lousy signal has the possibility of making me miss some important moments. Driving directions to NBC 24 say it is only 5.1 miles away and I am sure a digital signal does not have to travel that far given DTV signals travel in a straight line. I can't believe that NBC 24's digital signal can't travel more than 5 miles (at the most). NBC's Web site says they will be streaming some events live. I hope they will stream the good events live on their Web site and not purposely neuter the Web streaming to help the local affiliates, because in Toledo I am sure other people like me, will shudder having to watch a black screen when the marque events happen.

ABC, NBC, And CBS: Still Hoping "Climategate" Just Goes Away!

After two weeks, they still follow the Party dictum-in spite of overwhelming evidence of bogus tests, etc. and basically nothing even resembling proof of man-made global warming. See this:

Contact: Colleen O'Boyle at 703.683.5004

Day Fourteen and Counting
December 04, 2009 08:45 ET

Bozell Defends Networks’ Silence on ClimateGate:
“Maybe They Just Don’t Know”

City Council Candidates Poll

What twelve City Council Candidates do you think will advance to the General Election?

According to NBC 24 here is the list of those who made the deadline to turn in their petitions:

Official Council-at-Large candidate list:

John Adams
Terry Biel
Joe Carter
Mark W Clark
Phillip Copeland
Jeff Cromwell
Tyrone Daniels
Rob Ludeman
Patricia Lyons
Adam J Martinez
Joe McNamara
Kevin Milliken
George Sarantou
Hans G. Schnapp
Terry Shankland
Constantine P. Stamos
Steven C. Steel
Steven L. Sulewski
Polly Taylor-Gerken
William J. Terry
Paul Tetuan

DTV question: Can anyone receive the NBC 24 DTV signal?

For the last 3-4-5 days there has been no DTV signal from NBC 24 (well I have not received a signal). Anyone else out there able to confirm if this is the case or not? Maybe it is just bad reception, but I have not noticed it being out for so long. I don't get cable either.

What is going on with NBC 24 and Buckeye cable?

Last night, while watching American Gladiators, I saw the NBC 24 plea to contact Buckeye about the retransmission agreement. Well, thanks to Glass City Jungle, I read that they had a press conference today. NBC 24 has a story on it on their Web site at:

What happens if the deadline is missed?

Larry Lanting will get a chance to clear the air on the Today show

Larry will get a chance to tell his side of the story on the Today show tomorrow. Tune in to find out, it will be in the 7am segment.

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