Husky Energy Inc.

BP, Husky put oil sands plans on hold

Does not answer the question of how this will affect the Oregon refinery.
CALGARY -- British oil major BP PLC said it’s slowing down its oil sands plans with partner Husky Energy Inc. because it expects costs to deflate.

Andy Inglis, head of exploration and production at BP, said Tuesday a decision on whether to go ahead with the Sunrise project has been pushed back to 2010. The decision had been expected in late 2008.
“We will proceed or not proceed depending on its viability on the day,” he said.

Husky/BP joint venture problems?

It appears that the Husky OilSands agreement may be running into a rough patch. Husky Energy is only going to spend less than 1/3 what they originally planned in the Oil Sands. BP says if need be, they will refine crude from other companies in the Oil Sands project.
CALGARY _ BP says it would have options for its refinery in Ohio if joint-venture partner Husky Energy Inc. (TSX:HSE) decides not to go ahead with its Sunrise oilsands development.

BP, Husky Energy confirm joint ventures finalised

LONDON (Thomson Financial) - British Petroleum Plc. and Husky Energy Inc. confirmed that the formation of two joint ventures have received the necessary regulatory approvals on schedule.

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