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A poster using the pseudonym “Wolfman” asked these questions Jan. 16 in a Swampbubbles post headlined “The Propaganda Media State”: “Does a WSPD or a Toledo Free Press have the resources to do real journalism?” and “Should journalism get the next government bailout?”

The Propaganda Media State

Does a WSPD or a Toledo Free Press have the resources to do real journalism?
Saving American Journalism
Is good journalism going extinct? Fractured audiences and tight budgets have downsized or sunk many of the fourth estate's major battleships, including this very program.

Stainbrook seeks TRO against BOE, state committee - updated with complaint

Jon is now seeking a temporary restraining order against the BOE and Ohio Republican Party. Free Press has the latest and I will update this thread with the latest (there will be more). If you missed it, the Board of Elections certified the lists of both parties and sent them to the State today.

Alexander tosses in the towel

The Toledo Free Press is reporting that the embattled director of the YMCA, Robert Alexander, is going to retire. Is he tired of the fight?
The YMCA of Greater Toledo announced Oct. 28 that President and CEO Robert Alexander plans to retire on July 31, 2010.

The YMCA’s Board of Trustees has appointed Lee Dunn, YMCA Trustee for Life, to lead a search committee that will work with staff from YMCA of the USA, the national resource office for YMCAs, to find Alexander’s successor, according to a news release.

Lucas County Republican Party treasurer signature oddities goes to prosecutor

Free Press has the latest:
The Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office criminal division will begin investigating financial election documents that were signed under the Lucas County Republican Party treasurer’s name.

The signatures, signed as James Damas, were found inconsistent by multiple handwriting experts contacted by Toledo Free Press after the documents were questioned by Glass City Jungle operator and TFP Fact Checker Lisa Renee Ward. TFP requested July 30 that the Board of Elections (BOE) conduct an investigation.

Tell the Toledo Free Press to keep their promises

The Toledo Free Press apparently has a plagiarism problem. The Toledo Blade highlights once such instance uncovered by a University of Toledo professor, Mary Linehan. Ms Linehan discovered some unattributed work in the Free Press and informed TFP's publisher and president Tom Pounds in a letter. The letter went unanswered by Mr Pounds, but instead found it's way into the hands of the author of the plagiarized work--Gregg Schwartz. What happened next, is beyong the pale.

The latest turns in the Troy Neff saga

Wow, a lot of things have happened in the last week. If you have not caught your breath, I don't blame you.

Steven Steel proves he does only work for those who donate to his campaign-namely TFT

I came across this blogger's recent conversation with Steven Steel. I do not know who this blogger is and I don't even think I have seen him at school functions, so this is a conversation with a normal citizen. Other than the shear rudeness of the conversation, I think it provides some insight into Steel's beliefs. I believe in a Blade, Journal or Free Press article, he continues to deny that those that help him, namely the TFT, have any special privilege. Well that is not what he tells the blogger Omar the Great:

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