Foreign Money in American Politics?

Foreign Money in American Politics?
Some Say Supreme Court's Decision in Citizens United Case Has Opened New Path
Jan. 24, 2010 —
Some election lawyers believe that last week's landmark U.S. Supreme Court opinion may have opened a new avenue for foreign money to enter the American political system, and that the justices are inviting a repeat of the 1996 Chinese money scandal that bloodied the Clinton administration.

ABC, NBC, And CBS: Still Hoping "Climategate" Just Goes Away!

After two weeks, they still follow the Party dictum-in spite of overwhelming evidence of bogus tests, etc. and basically nothing even resembling proof of man-made global warming. See this:

Contact: Colleen O'Boyle at 703.683.5004

Day Fourteen and Counting
December 04, 2009 08:45 ET

Bozell Defends Networks’ Silence on ClimateGate:
“Maybe They Just Don’t Know”

Blade circulation numbers drop by 10k

The Toledo Free Press is reporting that recent audit reports show the Blade dropped their circulation by 10,000. Will it end?
The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) reported a decrease in subscribers of The Blade in its Sept. 30 FAS-FAX report.

ABC reported a drop in The Blade’s Sunday circulation from 144,198 in September 2008 to 133,847 in September 2009.

The Obama lie of the day....fines for not having health care not a tax...

Bill says 'tax' when Obama said 'not'
By: Chris Frates and Mike Allen
September 21, 2009 09:06 AM EST

In the most contentious exchange of President Barack Obama’s marathon of five Sunday shows, he said it is “not true” that a requirement for individuals to get health insurance under a key reform plan now being debated amounts to a tax increase.

But he could look it up — in the bill.

Page 29, sentence one of the bill introduced by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont) says: “The consequence for not maintaining insurance would be an excise tax.”

Toledo teen convicted in murder case now a city worker

Just saw this article on 13 ABC's website:

"He drove the getaway car in the shooting that killed Matthew Dugan
A teen convicted of being the getaway driver in a murder one year ago is now working for the city of Toledo.
A judge sentenced Dymon Bolton to four years in prison last December, but he was paroled in May. His attorney says he's working for the city this summer.
Toledo's hiring practices are unclear when it comes to hiring convicted felons. It's on a case-by-case basis and there's no set policy.

McNamara proposes a Recycling bank...and a higher trash tax

Council president Joe McNamara proopsed increasing the trash fee and partnering with Recycle Bank.

The proposal would reward us in points for every pound recycled. These points would be awarded in the form of gift certificates or vouchers that we can exchange for product.

According to 13-ABC News, the regional sales manager of Recycle Bank. said "The average recycler will earn $240 a year in savings. Our maximum recyclers are earning about $540 a year in savings."

GOP Senator: White House Encroaching on First Amendment

13Abc and our own Diane Larson

for those of you who do not watch Regis and Kelly at 9am after GMA and our local ABC news. Regis and Kelly have started a contest for a local news broadcaster to appear on "Live with Regis and Kelly" I have nominated our Diane Larson because she is professional, down to earth , and cares about Toledo and the news she reports, she is also a beautiful person and has a deep concern for us as a community and a sense of humor.
I am askiing that you go to

Smoke on the Water 2009 - Updated

7/23 Update:
Smoke on the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross Entertainment Headlined By
Presidents of the United State of America and Chuck Wicks

Song of Toledo Winners, Mayoral Candidates Part of Event

The largest ribs event in northwest Ohio, the 2009 Columbia Gas Smoke on
the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross, proudly announces their full
entertainment schedule.

In addition to national headliners Presidents of the United States of
America and Chuck Wicks, Smoke on the Water features Toledo's Mayoral
candidates on Saturday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. Each candidate will

Democracy 21 and other groups will push for PMA Scandal probe next week

It appears the push for a probe into the PMA Scandal has even riled the groups that originally worked with the Democrats to push for ethics. So much so, next week they plan to publicly push for a probe into the PMA scandal.
From Roll Call:
Next week, Democracy 21 and other good-government groups are expected to ask the House ethics committee next week for an investigation into lawmakers with close ties to defunct lobbying firm PMA Group, Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer said on Friday.

Another wrong way driver

13 ABC just reported (their website isn't updated so I can't provide a link) that another drunk driver caused an accident going the wrong way on 475. Not that it makes a difference but I believe this time it was a woman.
Thankfully no one was killed this time.

Friends with Benefits segment on 13 ABC

I've been seeing the promos for this segment on 13 ABC in the past week. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude. Far from it, ha ha. But does anybody else think that this is just un-needed, trasy, tacky jounalism? I thought it was kind of "low" the way the whole thing was presented. Interested to hear others' thoughts...

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