Jeep Wrangler to stay in Toledo, Cherokee leaving, Wrangler-based pickup coming

Jeep Wrangler to stay in Toledo, Cherokee leaving, Wrangler-based pickup coming

DETROIT -- Fiat Chrysler has decided to keep making the Jeep Wrangler in Toledo, Ohio, move production of the Jeep Cherokee to a nearby state and build a Jeep pickup.

Greater Toledo Train & Toy Show

Come to the annual GREATER TOLEDO TRAIN & TOY SHOW on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 at Owens Community College/Student Heath & Activities Center (30335 Oregon Road, Perrysburg, OH 43551).

Keep Jeep in Toledo!

Yesterday a bombshell was dropped on Toledo. Denny Schaffer 105.5 interview with Bruce Baumhower CEO Sergio Marchionne made the statement at the Paris car show that Fiat is making plans to make a new unibody independently suspended ALUMINUM bodied Wrangler. Now if that's not enough to scare the bejebus out of the four wheel drive market Sergio continued to say it may not be built in Toledo. HOLY SHIT!

Toledo is nearing point of no return


As of 11:45 August 16, the following crimes have been committed in Toledo:

~Anthony Horton was badly beaten on Buckingham Street

~Hakeem Johnson was shot on Nevada Street

~A teenager was shot on Chestnut and Noble Streets

~Tyrell Jones was shot on Franklin Street and Woodruff Avenue

There was a time in the City's history, before undesirables inhabited many of its neighborhoods, that just one of these occurrences in the course of a day would be big news. Now it's met with a yawn.

What happened? In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Toledo was a manufacturing hub where people were able to get secure factory jobs with just a high school diploma. The City attracted low/no-skill workers from lower-class backgrounds who didn't possess any burning desire to better themselves--just to get a paycheck and head to the bar after work.

The anti environment Gov Kasich meets with Toledo Mayor Collins over Toledo water crisis

Ohio Governor Kaisich votes down SB310
Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Nation’s First Renewable Energy Freeze June 13, 2014
“Gov. Kasich promised Ohioans he would protect Ohio families, create Ohio jobs, and champion clean energy technologies. By signing this devastating bill, he has decided to ignore the health and economic interests of everyday Ohioans in favor of big corporations. We need Gov. Kasich to be strong on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green jobs to move Ohio forward.”

Toledo is going down for the count

I try to stay west of Talmadge Road as much as possible. But a family member was in town and from her days in Toledo, she was familiar with the layout of the Kroger store on Monroe and Secor. So I took her over and waited in the car, Wow--talk about your sociological experience!

First, I see this interesting fellow in a pimped-out Mercedes (gold trim, fancy rims) pull up to a spot in the far reaches of the lot. Sure enough--a woman who looked like she would be more at home on a section of Monroe Street in the heart of downtown--gets out of her car. The Mercedes dude, wearing his rust-colored zoot suit (with matching shoes), gets out of his car. They embrace, she gets into his car--and off they go into the night. I felt the need to immerse myself in a vat of antibacterial soap.

Then there was the beggar at the traffic light exiting the parking lot. Her sign said she was a mother of two and "anything would be appreciated." My friend was shocked to see this. People weren't begging on street corners when she left Toledo 8 years ago (yeah, and Obama wasn't President then either).

As we left, there was a homeless man with all his worldly belongs strapped to his back walking down Monroe headed for Secor.

Get ready for a really safe summer in Toledo

I woke up this morning (feeling a little stiff from doing yard work--but then I read "Treatments to Ease Morning Stiffness" at and saw on The Blade website (not a paying member) about Toledo City Council approving money to open another pool. I don't have any idea--nor do I care--where the pool is located; but I do know that opening a pool should be near the bottom of the list of Toledo expenditures.

Government should not be in the business of maintaining pools. It should be employing as many police as are necessary to keep the City safe--pools don't stop crime!

the blade offers lame and tired "solutions" to Toledo blight

In its series on blight in Toledo, The Blade offered up such solutions as encouraging more downtown residential opportunities--wow, we've never tried that. Clueless.

If The Blade can come up with a list of solutions, we all might as well give it a try. Here are my suggestions:

1. Turn the blighted areas and known gang territories into police states. Assign a cop to every 4 blocks in the deteriorating neighborhoods. Arrest thugs for every reason you can come up with--jaywalking, littering, etc. Blight occurs because either the people who own the houses don't keep them up or the people who would keep them up have moved because they don't want to live among the crime and the losers who commit the crime. You have to make it uncomfortable enough for the thugs to motivate them to move out.

2. How do you afford to employ the needed police suggested in #1? Privatize all city and county services. When government workers' contracts expire, don't renew them. Hire private companies for everything. This eliminates many direct costs like health insurance, vacation/sick time, and retirement benefits.

The Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form

The Toledo Plan is one of the issues that divides the community. There are those in favor of it and those against it. The Board must weigh many factors and make a decision. We would like to clear the air regarding our stance on the Toledo Plan.

We believe the Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form. Here are some supporting reasons why the Toledo Plan suffers from a number of flaws:

• TFT leadership control through the intern consulting teachers and the board of review of the firing of intern teachers;

Toledo Move-to-Amend March 30th Meeting

Remember when shootings in Toledo were rare?


I went to the WTOL website today to take a look at what was new in Toledo and below the prediction for more snow was a headline indicating there were multiple shootings in the city overnight. One was inside a strip club on Matzinger and Stickney, one was at Detroit and Palmwood, and the other at Detroit and Fearing.

It's a bad sign for a city when there are multiple shootings in several locations on a given night. It also sends a message when citizens are rather ho-hum about these crimes. The deterioration of Toledo is irreversible. It's a little like hoping that your lazy brother-in-law will somehow become a go-getter.

Unfortunately, the reason that Toledo was thriving in the 1950s and 60s is what brought us to where we are today. Good paying, low-skilled factory jobs attracted a blue-collar workforce that didn't see a need for education. These jobs were eliminated leaving the city with a population that didn't have the marketable skills to sustain their lifestyles.

Professionals moved out resulting in a city filled with non-working, government-dependent people who don't share the same value system as the rest of us.

Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in

Toledo Free Press
Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in
The November 15th column in the Toledo Free Press made hay with stories of doom from outside Toledo. In the story a unnamed developer (some source) stated that some businesspeople and suburban partners (again who and how many?) are concerned about the new Toledo Mayor Collins. Ironically most of jobs in the businesses the developer quoted were low wage unlivable jobs.

How Dollarocracy is Destroying America and Toledo Ohio

Toledo media was mentioned on PBS Bill Moyers & Company. Video time19:55

With a union lackey as mayor, Toledo's decline is in the final stage

Note to any person who supports small government and new business development--move out of Toledo as soon as possible (assuming there are still people like that living in the City)!

With the election of D. Michael Collins as the new mayor, Toledo's final decline into a union-controlled, anti-business wasteland has begun. If you live in Toledo but don't belong to a union, your opinions and well-being will be ignored.

If you ever thought of opening a business in Toledo, I have two words for you "Michigan" and "Indiana." I can say this with conviction after hearing Collins this morning on WSPD state that making Ohio a right-to-work state would be a travesty. He added that every Toledoan has an uncle, dad, or grandfather who benefitted from being a member of a union. Yeah--and I have an ancestor who used to make stagecoach wheels--just about as pertinent in today's world as unions.


Should a local Toledo talk show host use a police investigation to promote his career? Nance Grace radio host interview: How does giving national attention to the missing baby investigation help Toledo police? Will national attention cost Toledo taxpayers added expense in this investigation?

Complete coverage:



A friend of mine, who hasn't lived in Toledo for 35 years, came to visit over the weekend. We did a little riding past some of our old stomping grounds within the City limits. As we drove through our old neighborhood in South Toledo, past Rogers High School, and down Monroe Street from Summit to Secor, my friend was amazed and disturbed by the condition of the downtown, Toledo's neighborhoods, and its empty store fronts.

She asked two questions: What happened? What can be done to improve the City?

We talked at length about what needed to be done if Toledo was ever going to have a chance at a comeback:

SCHOOL VOUCHERS: Toledo can erect all of the new school buildings it wants, but the structures only hide the decay that is happening within. Parents should be able to place their children into a school that has teachers AND students who share their interest in a structured and disciplined education. All students are not alike, and they shouldn't be shoved into schools simply because they are the closest to their homes. Competition encourages excellence. (Of course, this would require a complete deconstruction of the all-powerful teachers' union.)

RIGHT-TO-WORK CITY: Toledo's going to need new businesses bringing in new jobs. No business wants to come to a union-controlled city. It's just not going to happen. The retort to this is, "What good is a company bringing in low-wage jobs?" This City has historically focused on unskilled, blue-collar jobs. It's time to concentrate on white-collar and skilled labor. Any medium-to-large company that comes into Toledo--even if the majority of jobs may be minimum wage--would also require a number of workers in HR, accounting, management, distribution, and sales. Those are the jobs that bring in the type of people that could make a difference in this City.

Opal Covey has switched her political affiliation from independent to Republican

Toledo Blade
March 13, 2013
Libertarian Konwinski plans to run for mayor
Quote from article:
John Schulte, president-elect of the West Toledo Republican Club, said Ms. Covey spoke to about a dozen people. He said two people gave her donations for her campaign, but that the club does not make endorsements.

Greater Toledo Train & Toy Show, Sunday, March 10th

Sunday, Mar 10, 11am – 4pm
Location: Premier Complex, 4480 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, OH 43614

You Didn't Build That Yourself

Let's take Obama out of the equation, shall we?

Any good business person knows that infrastructure plays an important part in their
individual success. I know you've all heard the term "location, location, location". We
have a new casino in Toledo and look where it sits, right on I75, the main artery into
Toledo from the south. That didn't happen by accident. The company that built the casino, chose the location because they want to succeed. The site has the right infrastructure for success.

Democratic Party and the Toledo Public School Board

The Democratic party in Toledo has pretty much sounded the death knell for Toledo Public Schools, along with the help of Republican party. For years the Democrats have run candidates for the school board that have no interest in making changes, improving academics, educating the populace or challenging the unions, especially the TFT. The Republicans have never run a credible candidate other than Chris Myers, when he ran with the "Three for Change." That was the closest Toledo came to actually saving TPS.

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