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While West Toledo is suffering with a Rat influx Sylvania Township is suffering from another form of RAT, Kaptur sign thieves

Yes, its true! A new form of unethical RAT has invaded Sylvania Township streets. The RATS are of one partisan group who refuse to respect those of a differing point of view. Today October 7th whole streets in Sylvania were stripped of Marcy Kaptur signs leaving only Richie Rich Iotts to radiate his poison. Is this the type of unethical criminals we want to run our country?

Sylvania Township auto dealer to alter sign Taylor agrees to slow message changes

Article published Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Sylvania Township auto dealer to alter sign
Taylor agrees to slow message changes
Sylvania Township and ODOT say Taylor's bright sign has drawn complaints about the possibility of drivers finding it so distracting that it might lead to crashes.


Jon takes credit for victories

In Today's Blade, Jon is taking credit for 4 victories, a judge who won with the Democratic vote split and a Sylvania Township trustee who said that the incumbents were not going to win and of course Jon also takes credit for Rob Ludeman and George Sarantou winning. He is saying that demonstrates he is good and putting an end to the corruption, but forgetting to mention that most of his candidates did not make it. If his team was so good, why did other candidates not make it? Moody? Clark? Etc?

Lucas County GOP Candidates credit party's volunteers, endorsements

Sylvania Trustee Candidate Ordered to Appear Before Ohio Election Commission

Sylvania Township candidate for trustee John Jennewine has been order to appear before the Ohio Election Commission for a hearing on Thursday October 15. According to the OEC a complaint was filed against Mr. Jennewine in September, alleging that his campaign signs were either improper or illegal, and that his campaign was accepting or spending monies without a designation of treasurer.

Sylvania Township - Fire Department Update


This installment of my Township Update will focus on the Fire Department, which has been extremely busy the last 18 months fulfilling the promises of the 2008 1.25 Mill Fire Levy. But first, a brief announcement about the Police Department:

Tax Holiday Extended in Police Department

As we begin the 2010 budget process, the Sylvania Township Trustees unanimously voted to extend the tax holiday that I first introduced in 2007. In total, this tax holiday will save Sylvania Township taxpayers $1,050,000 in 2010 and approximately $2,700,000 over three years.

Arbitrator Backs Sylvania Twp. Police Officers

Arbitrator has ruled in favor of 2 Sylvania Township police officers who were charged and disciplined by the Sylvania Township Trustees last year. The ruling gives the officers back pay and their records must be cleared. See The Blade article link:

I attended the full public hearing for both officers. The township was respresented by

Kevin Haddad talks about himself and his run for Sylvania Township Trustee

I was born in Toledo in 1955, lived here all my life and moved to Sylvania Township in 1984. I went to Woodward High and attended UT. I received my Cosmetology license in 1978 and bought my own salon in 1980. My wife, Kathy and I have been married 21 years and have 3 daughters. My oldest goes to BG and our younger 2 attend Southview. I have been in business for 29 going on 30 years. We also own a travel agency call Encore Travel and some condos in Sylvania.

DeeDee's Talk of the Township

Issue: #17 September 2009

While police and fire are vital to the quality of Sylvania Township today, zoning and planning are vital to the quality of Sylvania Township in the future. This Township update will talk about the improvements in our Zoning Department which will help keep Sylvania Township a quality community.

Planning for Our Future

DeeDee's Talk of the Township


This issue of my Township Update will focus on the work and priorities of the Public Works Department - road repaving, leaf pickup, flooding/drainage, etc.

DeeDee Liedel Announces Re-Election Campaign

Issue: #15 August 2009
Today I filed petitions for re-election as Sylvania Township Trustee so I am officially kicking off my campaign with a Sylvania Township Update.

Dead Man Walking

The latest from George Tanber about a guy that survived beyond all odds.
SYLVANIA, Ohio - As Myron "Ron" Skulas prepared to scale the old TV antenna adjacent to his Sylvania Township home, he gave little thought to any potential danger. After all, he'd climbed the tower a hundred times or more, he figured, without incident.

This day, Nov. 17, 2007, a Thursday, was different. As he worked his way toward the roof, where leaf-clogged gutters awaited, the tower, rusted at its base, snapped, sending the 285-pound Skulas crashing to the ground, beneath the fallen antenna.

Representative Sears Announces Funding for Local Business

COLUMBUS-State Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) today announced
the approval of funding for Next Specialty Resins, Inc. in Sylvania

The State Controlling Board approved the release of $25,000 for the
acquisition of new machinery and equipment. The appropriation is part of
the Rapid Outreach Grant, which will help Next Specialty create 25 new,
full-time jobs.

"One of our greatest priorities here in Columbus is getting Ohioans back
to work, as well as helping quality companies acquire resources to be

Don’t Build an Ark Yet! Help is on the Way!

The dedication and diligence of long-time township resident and property owner Penny Levine is paying off for residents of the Sylvania area. For many years residents of Sylvania Township have been treading water, but since 2008 they are now drowning.

Sylvania City Council Finds A New Way To Annex Township: WATER!!!!

When the attempt to annex Sylvania Township failed last fall, the folks at OneSylvania knew it would be three years before another attempt at a merger could take place. But Doug Haynam, a OneSylvania proponent and Sylvania City Council member, has already found a way to usurp the will of Sylvania Township residents. Hold them hostage for water!

The City of Sylvania Tries Again

If at first you don't succeed, try to get elected. Apparently that's the motto of at least one, if not both candidates for the two Sylvania Township trustee positions on the ballot in November. The incumbents, Pam Hanley and DeeDee Liedel worked to protect the Sylvania Township residents when the question of a 'merger' with the city of Sylvania was on the November ballot in 2008. The merger was defeated by 72% in Sylvania Township. Feeling a little stung by their defeat, the city government might be duplicitous enough to slip in a couple of frauds.

Chief Metzger "reclaiming leadership...from a few bad apples."

"...a few bad apples." !!!!

I keep reading that remark and every time it brings me to tears, sadness, anger, frustration, disbelief--I cannot tell you the range of emotion. I do not know why anyone would even want to be a police officer anymore in the community of Sylvania Township. For, be sure, those so-called "bad apples" so callously and carelessly named are genuinely good police officers.

Sylvania Township Snubs Plan For Merger

Which should have been titled:

Sylvania Takeover Goes Down In Flames
Mayor Craig Stough Hung in Effigy

But is actually: Issue can't return for at least 3 years

Here's the link:

Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania

Attention, all residents of Sylvania Township that do not live in the city of Sylvania. You are about to be shafted by the Sylvania City Government and the Sylvania Township Trustees.

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