Origins of the UT "Rockets"

This is from a recent University of Toledo e-mail.
When the University of Toledo played then-powerful Carnegie Tech in football in 1923, Pittsburgh sports writers were surprised to learn that UT did not have a nickname.

Though an underdog, Toledo fought formidably, recovering a series of embarrassing fumbles by favored Tech. Pittsburgh writers pressed James Neal, a UT student working in the press box, to come up with a nickname.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers managers buyouts

Last week, we read that the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review overtook the Post-Gazzette for the first time. Today we learn from the Tribune-Review that the Post-Gazzette, Block Communications' Pittsburgh paper, is offering buyouts to 140 mangers. This makes it the third buyout in 13 months.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette owner Block Communications made a job buyout offer to more than 140 of the newspaper's managers in an attempt to cut costs, company officials said Thursday.

In Pittsburgh, Tribune overtakes Post-Gazette for first time

Block Communications' old media properties are not doing so good. The Blade is reporting a 10k drop in subscriptions while the other paper, the Post-Gazette has been overtaken by the other daily, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
In fact, the Tribune-Review solidified its standing in Western Pennsylvania last week by overtaking the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for the first time. The Trib topped the P-G in Saturday circulation and is beginning to pull even with Monday-through-Friday editions.


Right to dissent was suspended at G20 Pittsburgh

Right to dissent was suspended at G20 Pittsburgh

The G20 in Pittsburgh showed us how pitifully fearful our leaders have become.

Out of fear of the possibility of a terrorist attack, authorities militarize our towns, scare our people away, stop daily life and quash constitutional rights.

Pittsburgh protesters demand G20 do more for jobs

Pittsburgh protesters demand G20 do more for jobs
By Michelle Nichols

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - Protesters called on global leaders to do more
to create jobs for the growing number of unemployed in the United
States and globally at a peaceful march in Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Moody's keeps Block Communications on "higher end of junk rating"

From E & P:
CHICAGO Moody's Investors Service is keeping its Ba3 rating, a rating on the higher end of the "junk" scale, for Block Communications, publisher of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- despite its newspaper holdings.


And Fitz and Jen Blog (more info):

Pittsburgh paper to launch 'members-only' website


As US newspaper publishers mull charging readers on the Web, a Pennsylvania daily announced plans on Monday to put some content behind a pay wall.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said "PG+" would be a "members-only website with interactive features and exclusive content" available to subscribers for 36 dollars a year or for 3.99 dollars a month.

Drug company sues Blade's sister paper in Pittsburgh over 'sensational and misleading' articles

Factual inacuracies under JRB's watch? Tell me it ain't so.
NEW YORK, Aug 19 (Reuters) - Generic drugmaker Mylan Inc has sued the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper over what it called 'sensational and misleading' articles concerning quality controls at one of its main manufacturing plants.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the West Virginia plant last week after an inspection prompted by the newspaper's reporting.



Bill Moyer's Journal July 24, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Yiffing Going On In The Office Of Pennsylvania GOP Senate Whip

Too funny not to post!

It was like a cross between an episode on MSNBC's Dateline: To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen and a re-enactment of those heady days in 2006 when Republican Congressman Mark Foley was exposed as a child molester. Jane Orie is a far right extremist, an anti-choice fanatic and the Republican majority whip of the Pennsylvania state Senate. She represents a backward district north of Pittsburgh. And if you'd guess that she's obsessed with sex and is a virulent and hysterical homophobe you'd be correct.

Friday she fired one of her top aides, Alan David Berlin. The report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is almost funny if it weren't so tragically Republican. It starts off like typical GOP fare-- another Republican closet case solicits sex from a young boy (15 years old) online. But then it gets really strange.

Ward Makes a Commitment to Fatherhood, Ask Fathers to Join Him

Toledo, OH – Stephen Ward knows what it means to grow up without a father in the home. At the age of 32 he has endured a lifetime of circumstances. Faced with adversity throughout his childhood, he has overcame insurmountable odds. As a Pittsburgh native, he grew up in a single-parent home, in a poverty stricken neighborhood. The oldest son of a Mother who was a victim of domestic violence, which later caused her to struggle with addiction; he assumed the role of caregiver and protector even when he could not fend for himself.

Toledo is bigger than Pittsburgh? - bollocks

Now that Toledo is bigger than Pittsburgh, maybe the Steelers should move here being we now have a larger population to draw viewers. They can take the Bullfrogs. Or this means that bump in population is a bunch of you know what?
PITTSBURGH -- Toledo just got a little bigger, and Pittsburgh just got bumped down the population list.

The U.S. Census Bureau has changed Toledo's population estimate for Ohio's fourth-largest city, putting the city's count at 316,000 people. Pittsburgh totals stand at 311,218.


Bowling Green Upsets #25 Pitt

Congrats to BG for pulling off one of the biggest upsets this weekend:

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A whistle sounded prematurely, stripping Bowling Green of a possible game-winning touchdown and giving a second chance to Pittsburgh, a BCS team that probably didn't deserve such a break.

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