Next TPS Superintendent

from WTOL

The board interviewed Deborah Hunter-Harvill, the former superintendent of a school district in Flint, Michigan. She says she wants to help lead the charge for school reform in Toledo.

REALLY? Has any board member checked the status of Flint Schools lately? Would she bring more of Obama style Hope and Change reform to TPS. One only has to look at Flint to see what Harvill's school reform has brought them:

Milken report puts Toledo tech jobs only above Detroit and Flint-last in Ohio

Bizjournals is reporting the latest Milken Institute rankings of tech jobs and Toledo rounds up the pack at 198 out of 200, only followed by Detroit and Flint. How depressing.
No other major Ohio city finished higher than Columbus, though Cincinnati (138), Dayton (183) and Akron (186) all moved up the list compared with last year. The lowest-ranked Ohio city in the Milken report was Toledo, which finished 198th – just ahead of Detroit and Flint, Mich.


Flint cracks down on droopy drawers


Flint Michigan - known for both high crime and high unemployment - has decided that they have time to waste chasing around kids with saggy pants...

Flint is pretty much a mirror of toledo as far as politics go - I wonder if they've got a smoking ban too?

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