Here Is Every Foreign Country That Gets More Federal Aid Than Detroit

Here Is Every Foreign Country That Gets More Federal Aid Than Detroit
Detroit $108.2 Million
Solmalia $121.4M
Zimbabwe $135.3M
Cote d'lvoire $135.4M
Liberia $157.1M
Ghana $160M
Bangladesh $165.9M
Lebanon $165.9M
Malawi $166.4M
Rwanda $169.2M
Mati $180.3M
Indonesia $183M
Philippines $188M
Mexico $205M
Congo $236M
Haiti $300M
Colombia $323M
Zambia $362M
Mozambique $372.4M
South Sudan $393M
Ethiopia $417M
West Bank & Gaza $440M
South Africa $445M
Uganda $456.3M

Detroit on the road to recovery

The emergency manager is finally getting some cooperation from a council that has fought him tooth and nail. The city of Detroit will "privatize" it's trash pickup. It's not real privatization but it's a good deal for the city. For the price they are paying now they will get extra services and not have to deal with public sector unions anymore.
Good move Detroit!!!


I’ve always thought if your first impression of the U.S. came from crossing the border at Detroit, you would marvel at how this Country looks like a set from a science fiction movie. You know--the one where an apocalyptic event has wiped out all forms of intelligent life and destroyed all of the dwellings.

Detroit is a wasteland of clueless, unethical politicians and citizens who are relying on the government to supply them with food, clothing, housing, phones, etc.

Here are some of the recent bizarre “highlights” from this city of doom:

**The lawlessness of the citizens of Detroit has resulted in a two-day ban on filling portable gas containers to prevent Halloween arson. Yes, you read that correctly—Detroiters have to be policed to the point of not being allowed to fill gas cans because they can’t be trusted not to use accelerants for starting abandoned house fires.

**Detroit officials indicate they believe they can stop kids from breaking the Halloween curfew laws by holding parents accountable for their children’s behavior. I guess one has to assume that 1) Detroit parents are aware that their kids are roaming the streets at night and 2) Detroit parents care that their kids are roaming the streets at night. What parallel universe do these Detroit officials live in?

Successful Blacks Seek Safer Ground, Lower Taxes

Like thousands of Whites before them Blacks left Detroit the minute they were able to do so, a point I made a few weeks back. Now Zeyad and Mrignorant will argue that White left Detroit to the Blacks but evidence shows otherwise. As Blacks entered the middle class they sought the same low taxes, good services, less crime that euros did.

Is Detroit's Bankruptcy Really a Feeding Frenzy for Privatization?

Is Detroit's Bankruptcy Really a Feeding Frenzy for Privatization?

ClearChannel pulls the plug on Progressive Detroit 1310 WDTW-AM radio.

On December 31, 2012 ClearChannel will pull the plug on Progressive Detroit 1310 WDTW-AM radio. Progressive Michigan voice Tony Trupiano was notified minutes after the Tuesday Lansing Right-to-Work protest show of his loss of employment. Detroit and Southeast Michigan will lose the Thom Hartmann show. For audio of this news scroll to the 11:50 audio mark.

'God Help Michigan' Attorney Fieger blasts Right-to-Work Law

Time to Invest in Detroit?

I have a question, is it time to invest in Detroit, and the Big Three? Detroit is still the main player in the Auto Industry, at least in the US. Also, there are millions of sq. ft. of floor space in closed/idle factory buildings. Real estate is dirt cheap. One primary reason that a few new factories are built in the US, is the fact that there are RTW states. But none of those states have the infrastructure, or the floor space that Michigan in general, and Detroit in particular already have.


Obviously this country has officially lost its mind. Let's look at all the areas that used to be booming and are now crap holes. Detroit, Old West End Toledo, Old Polish Town Toledo, South Toledo, North Toledo....hmmm...I wonder what is the one common denominator here? What is the "pink" elephant in the room nobody will truthfully admit or talk about?



Opinions on this? Detroit is having a job fair where only those convicted of felonies are eligible to attend. Good idea to give a second or third chance to a ex-con? Or. should there be more focus on helping those with clean records to find employment. What I find that I went on a job interview last week and they made a big deal about the fact that I put down the wrong day I started a job 15 years ago...not month...not year...but day...and I was practically treated like a convict.

Autoline Detroit: Cindy Estrada, Vice President, UAW

Autoline Detroit
August 28, 2011
Cindy Estrada, Vice President, UAW, Alisa Priddle, The Detroit News, Joe Szczesny, The Oakland Press. Topic: UAW.

Koch-Backed Americans for Prosperity Admits To Post Fake Eviction Notices On Detroit Homes


Koch-Backed AFP Admits To Posting Fake Eviction Notices On Detroit Homes 'To Startle People'
The Koch-backed group Americans For Prosperity admitted to posting fake eviction notices on numerous Detroit homes Monday in order to "startle people" about a bridge project that the group opposes.

Ohio Rep. Kucinich Fires Up Madison Workers' Rights Rally Sat. March 12, 2011

Financial manager bill passes Michigan Senate
Lawmakers crafting final version; Snyder's approval expected
Karen Bouffard / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

WJR 760 AM Detroit where Toledo goes to get its radio entertainment.

Ten years ago Jerry Anderson was a Speedy talk show host. He got top ratings and Speedy listeners hated to see him go. But the man had a face for television and it was only a matter of time till he moved along. Jerry reminded me of oldtime Speedy host Paul W Smith who now works for WJR 760 Detroit. Another example of a excellent talk show host that is civil and civic minded and doesn't race bait always positive and gracious. He draws in the big names with a Midwest flavor to his interviews. By-the-way Paul W show can be heard on the mega watt WJR 760 AM from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM every morning.

FREEP and Detroit News outsells the Blade in Toledo

The Blah appears to be a non-factor anymore. Go into any carryout or Meijer by the newspapers and you will see the Detroit papers are pretty much sold out while the stores
have tons of Blahs. I guess Toledoans are waking up to the fact the paper is as reliable as a tabloid.

Enterprising criminals easily remove car boots for resale

Talking to some people I ran into that live in Detroit. They said Detroit stopped using the boots because they are easily defeated using common household tools. Since they are worth around $400 the criminals resell them on the black market. They further said unless the police actually catch you removing the boot there is little the police can do to prosecute.
So I am wondering how successful this program will be in Toledo since we are so close to Detroit.

DPS privatizing bus service

Last Updated: February 24. 2010 12:07PM
DPS privatizing bus service
Plan saves financially strapped school district $50 million; 289 drivers to lose jobs
Tom Greenwood and Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News
Detroit -- Detroit Public Schools' move to privatize bus service for thousands of students will mean nearly 300 drivers will lose their jobs with the district, but savings of about $50 million over five years.

Perfect example of the insider and the outsider school debate, the Detroit Public Schools

This interview happened last month and caused a controversy when Shepard Smith said he would burn down the Detroit Public Schools if he was a parent there. Watch the whole segment and you will see where Shepard Smith's outrage is justified, yet this situation occurs here in Toledo. There are still some schools which are failures and continue to be so, yet we have administration and board members who never want to hold these schools accountable. And you know TPS does not want to do anything about problems, the Dan Burns situation indicates they have no clue problems exists and contrary to board members and administration officials wanting to put this behind their back saying things are fixed, they are not and won't be without creating a new proactive system to identify and deal with problems as they come up whether it is academic performance or employees stealing money. Urban schools suffer from a serious case of accountability. If TPS wanted to prove they are going to be proactive in dealing with problems, quickly addressing problem schools is a great place to start because at least they are well documented and known. Our community cannot wait one week more for schools to continually fail.

Bizjournals ranks Toledo in bottom 5 for being able to start a small business

Another ranking politicians will want to ignore.
Last place in the small-business-vitality rankings again belongs to Detroit, which continues to pay the price for the decline of the domestic automotive industry. The Detroit area lost 298,000 jobs during the past five years—an employment decline of 16.3 percent, easily the worst in any metro. It also experienced short-term drops in population and the number of small businesses.

Joining Detroit in the bottom five, in descending order, are Youngstown, Dayton, and Toledo, Ohio, and Milwaukee.

Haiti aid: China one million vs U.S. one hundred million

Is it right that our country is bankrupt but is borrowing one hundred million from China to give to Haiti? China which has a bounty of eight hundred billion of the U.S. treasury is donating a miserly one million, go figure?
Detroit with 50% unemployment and a Michigan state on the verge of bankruptcy has its Nonprofits organizing Aid to Haiti.

Detroit Nonprofit Organizes Aid to Haiti
Rina Miller (2010-01-22)
Listen Now

Fox Toledo reporter's Chrysler Girl interview makes it to the Blogs

Fox Toledo's Barrett Andrews' interview with the Chrysler Girl makes the Auto Blog and the Do you come with the car? Blog. Read for yourself.

FOX Toledo reporter Barrett Andrews thought he could be sly by slipping a come-on into his chat with a lovely auto show model who kindly humored him by granting an interview request.

Reporter gets deservedly dissed by Chrysler model

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