Boston Mayor Is Tolerant, Intolerant or Retarded...

The Mayor of Boston has said he will not allow the Christian business Chik-fil-A to open in Boston because of its Christian, Biblical and traditional family views opposing homosexual marriage. He says Boston is INCLUSIONARY to all groups of people yet he EXCLUDES anything with a true Christian view. I sent him a letter to point out his hypocrisy and demanded he either A). admit publically he is a hypocrite, B). Admit he is purposely being deceptive, or C). admit he is retarded if he truly doesn't see the hypocrisy in this.

P.J. O'Rourke talks about Toledo, cars and his new book

A fun interview as always in the Boston Phoenix:

What about the United Auto Workers?
I have a lot of trouble bashing the unions. I grew up deep in the Rust Belt, Toledo, Ohio, just five blocks from the Jeep plant. Every breath you took in Toledo was unionized. Even though my family was not a union family, the influence was pervasive. I'm not of it, but I'm from it.

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