Cadillac health care coverage

"The show of self-sacrifice by the mayor and city council may have a political motive: on council

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The Blade gave a breakdown of what other employees of governmental institutions pay for their insurance. I think the real comparison should be what the cost is to the families in our community.

In the auto industry where the owners gave away the store to union workers with health and retirement programs that did not exist in the real world we see the add on cost to the cars for these benefits are closing down the auto makers. It is one thing to not pay for a car that costs too much and watch the company go broke, but as citizens we are caught in a bind because we need services provided by the city.

The falling attendance numbers for our schools and the migration out of the city to the suburbs due to excessive taxes may not close the city but it will make it look like our next door neighbor in Michigan.


To be honest, Michigan is sounding nicer & nicer to live in to me, than Toledo, Ohio

I would think twice about that. The state of MI. is currently about 1 billion dollars in the red and do not have the money to pay for their infrastructure. In other words the state is running on credit and they owe more than they are taking in.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

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