Bye, Bye Wilson


HFS: Brian Wilson To Return To Balto Airwaves, Norris To PM Drive - 4/3 - UPDATE: Confirmed. We get this from a Baltimore radio source: "The (midday) Ed Norris show on WHFS (105.7 FM) is moving to afternoons and Brian Wilson will return to the Baltimore airwaves." Norris will replace the new Mike O'Meara show, we're told. Will Charm City radio veteran Wilson move from his gig as a radio talk show host in Toledo, or will he do his WHFS show from there? MORE: Another source tells us that, starting Monday, 4/7, it'll be Troy Johnson at 10 AM, Wilson (left) at noon, and Norris (right) from 3 PM to 6 PM. We also hear that Wilson will be live in Baltimore. DCRTV also hears that HFS offered shows to Dan Rodericks and Marc Steiner, but got turned down by both. More as we hear it.....

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Thank the gods he's leaving...

Quick to comment... how do you know this is true? If he's back on Monday, then maybe he's doing both shows.

Brian Wilson is coming back

I highly doubt he'll be doing a WSPD and a WHFS show since the two stations have different owners.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

According to WSPD's Andy Stuart:

There have been some inaccurate announcements on some websites stating that Brian is leaving WSPD to take a full-time job in Baltimore. In fact, he will be doing fill-in work for this Baltimore station and will remain as the PD/PM Drive host on WSPD. Any questions by other media, clients or listeners can be directed to me until Brian returns from vacation on Monday.

I've updated my blog with the new information on the old post and a newer one.

We don't remember days only moments...

I happen to like Wilson, and will miss his show if he leaves.

Who is Brian Wilson? He has a radio show? In Toledo? Pardon me, but I usually tune in to NPR out of Ann Arbor. What kind of radio show does Mr. Wilson have? Is he a really good deejay that some classic rock station in Baltimore wants on its staff? You know, mixes music with insights into current events? Who is this guy?

I wish peace and prosperity for all.

Nobody really worth listening to. He's a full-time Carty baitor, and loves to rag on the local paper, even when they do feature stories on him:

As you can see in the article, he has a long track record of doing shows on different cities on the same day, no doubt thinking he's an 'expert' on the ins-and-outs of each city he pontificates on.

Wilson is a talk jock on wspd between 3 - 6 pm, and I disagree with McCaskey's opinion of him. I enjoy his show - may not always agree with him, but he's one of the few who says what needs saying, even if it's not popular to say so.

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