Toledo Extreme Home Makeover house revealed

The Extreme Home Makeover house is at 6044 Edgedale Circle as revealed on 13abc this morning. That is in the Alexis/Secor area. Aaron and Jackie Frisch's family sounds very worthy of the new house. We will learn more throughout the day and there will be another report at 11:00/30am on 13abc. It is said they have 11 children, some adopted from Haiti. They are both very devout Christians, the mom a christian counselor. I actually remember this area well in 2004 when I was knocking on doors.

13abc has more on the story of the family.

You can keep up-to-date on the project at:

You can learn more about the Dad:

The Mom has some stuff out there on the Internet:

Here is a photo of the current house from the Lucas County Auditor's aries site:

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I know the family.... I cannot think of ANYONE more deserving... talk about a family who have always put others needs before their own... sometimes good things DO happen to good people


they seem to be more than deserving.

"Even sadder is the situation of the families whose houses were redone by 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.' A couple of homes redone as a part of the show are now for sale; their owners can't afford to pay the extra taxes assessed because of the improvements and added square footage."

As much as I can sympathize for the Frisch's I wonder how someone who is delinquent on a 135,000 tax liability will be able to afford the taxes on a much increased value after they accept the keys to their new home? As you can see below, their taxes are already delinquent.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

And I'll bet the IRS will be in there with its hand out, too, for whatever the increased value is. Those guys are merciless and heartless.

Instead of worrying about his taxes, why don't you organize an event to help pay some of them off. You guys are too negative. It is awesome that this happened in Toledo, and that it happened to a true HERO. This guy is a firefighter/paramedic which in its own right should come with nothing but accolades. Plus he has a heart big enough to open up this little rinky dink house to eleven kids, plus now he will be able to add even more. This is a fantastic thing that is happening, and should be celebrated not picked apart. Sorry about my rant, but I think it is kinda shitty to worry about someone else's tax debt. I know it is public info etc. etc, but come on.

Are going to jump up with the remodel.

is we should be raising money to help pay them.

Great guy.

But why didn't the guy stop adopting kids at some point so that he could pay his taxes ?

Or are WE supposed to pay his share ?

Are we also to raise money for the higher utilities in the larger house?

Are we to raise money for the tax bills every year.

Are we to raise money when the IRS comes to call about the way that the house process is handled.

""We're very upfront with the families in telling them that there's a likelihood that the value of the house will increase, and therefore there will be a resulting property tax increase," says David Goldberg, president of show producer Endemol USA"

"Eric Hebert’s Extreme Home Makeover home is for sale.

Although grateful to the community for building the home, Hebert said owning it is more than he can manage time-wise and financially as he raises his late sister’s 11-year-old twins, Keely and Tyler.

The cost to maintain the home is expensive and Hebert is worried about the economy, the price of gas and the cost of food.

Since moving into the new home, Hebert said his bills have tripled. This winter his electrical bill for forced air heating was no less than $300 a month, in addition to him paying for propane, Hebert said."

For me it is not about the family.

We make choices and we have to take responsibility for our choices.

are even more deserving people that could use the help.

the question I have is where was everybody, including you tps, for this family before all this publicity?

I don't have a problem with the Frisch family being selected - they seem like nice people, and ultimately its up to the show to decide the most "ratings marketable" family. Good for them.

But I do have a pretty strong objection to the idea that everyone else should be raising money to pay this family's taxes, just so they can have a bigger house. Especially when so many Toledoans are on the verge of losing their own homes or having trouble putting food on the table!

I'm fortunate enough to be doing relatively well financially, and I do contribute to the community. However, I prefer my financial and volunteer contributions to go to causes that will give the broadest impact to the community at large...not to pay someone else's property taxes so that they can have a bigger, fancier house.

Again...I have absolutely no issue with the Frisch family or their selection to be on the show. Its great news for them, they seem like very good people, and hopefully there will be some positive publicity for the community as a result of this show.

My gripe is with your assertion that the rest of us have some sort of obligation to pay their property taxes. I'm not going to apologize for choosing to donate money/items to a food bank where it can benefit multiple families vs. paying someone's property taxes so that they can live in a nicer house.

but I just can't see how you guys can be so negative. Is it jealosy? Do you lead such angry and jaded lives that you can't take a moment and be happy for someone besides yorself? You could not even begin to understand the sacrifice that these two people have made for others. There is no doubt that these kids, whether they had a new home built for them or not, are better off and will be better off in the future being raised by a couple who give everything of themselves to make the lives of others better. I feel sorry for you guys...

a teacher ? And act so condescending to people ?

Good god, it's ten in the morning and you are posting.
School is in session. You could not possibly be posting if you really were a tps teacher.

Come out from them bushes.

Personally, I do not give a shit about xtreme makeover and their bitchboy Ty Pennington. They are so fake.

I do care about situations where people bite off more than they can chew and then society carries the ball for them.

"You could not even begin to understand the sacrifice that these two people have made for others."

tpsteacher, my concern is their sacrifice is no different, no more, and no better than the everyday sacrifices made by you, me, everyone on this blog, and anyone else in the city. And it is NOT fiscally sound nor responsible to adopt more children than one can support ON THEIR OWN (i.e. no "bailout").

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Seems like there's always somebody wanting to piss in the middle of somebody's parade.

No wonder the city is going to hell!

Quit bitchin! DO SOMETHING - ANYTHING - to help.

Yup. There's always somebody out there who wants to "bark up trees, they have no business barking up". These are the same people who accuse others of telling "mis-truths, half-truths and outright lies" while doing it themselves.

What we have here goes way beyond people telling others where they can park on their own property, or people interpreting something as an eyesore. What we have is people attempting to dictate to others how they should spend their own money--who they should give it to and how it should be spent.

The EHME and United Way issues have a lot in common. We have citizen dictators, saying how EMHE should and shouldn't be run.

It's fundamentally no different than mayor dictator telling the United Way what it should do with its own building or the owners of Southwyck should do with theirs.

I might even go so far to say that it's not much different than some other tyrant who was motivated by similar principles regarding his invasion of Poland.

So, why don't these people get their own show and run it as they see fit? Why won't the mayor buy the UW building with his own money instead of using thinly veiled threats, arm-twisting, conniving, and sales pitches?

why don't you get your own website and run it ass, you see fit ?

All I said was that the show is a bunch of hooey - if you fall for that crap- more power to you. Well, actually, less.

Also, I do not think a person that can't even pay their bills should keep on adopting more and more people. Why should other people carry this guy's share of the tax-paying load ? He make plenty of money as a fireman - lots of overtime !

When this expensive home bumps up all their property values. Will we need to hold another fund raiser to help them meet their new burden ?

Listen to GG, and jagoff.
Lets all chip in and pull the load for ALL these people.
Pay their taxes AND the water bills.

Were so damn near to socialism as it is - what the hay ?

Does the saying "Let's cross that bridge when we come to it" ring a bell?

Let's see what happens. Ya'll are getting your panties in a bunch way ahead of schedule.

I think most of us, are just asking questions or posting what if's because it is interesting.

I don't have interest in the show or what they do. The family made a choice and in the end, hopefully things will work out for them.

Maybe while the Extreme Makeover crew is in town, they can work over the United Way building.

"Let's cross that bridge when we come to it"

Graphics, Carty subscribes to that thinking (and look where it's gotten him AND this city)...

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Don't forget, they will recieve 100K to help maintain the home for the first year. I think that might be enough to come current with the taxes and put some towards next years taxes.

negative to ask questions like the Kat has done. While they won't have a house loan to pay for (hopefully) the taxes and utilities still remain. I guess everyone is hoping that no loan notes means that they can pay their taxes.

Actually, it would appear that they don't have a home loan to pay least, not one that is listed on AREIS. The only leinholder listed on AREIS is Lucas County for the delinquent property tax.

(Which I guess makes sense, to an extent...if they had a mortgage company, they'd likely have been paying property taxes into escrow each month.)

On the bright side, 2 of the boys are 18 years old. 3 more of the boys are 15 or older. Theoretically, as they move towards adulthood, they may either move out (costing their parents less) or stay home and contribute to household expenses. Especially since they have a sick mother....seems like they have a very loving family, where the boys might be likely to rally around the parents and do the best they can to contribute too.

Whatever the specifics of their situation, I do wish the best to them. Hopefully this experience will be a turning point for them, and help them get back on their feet!

actually, I supported her findings.

My comment was a backward zing at GG and jayott.

I done been zinged! And backwards, at that!

is someone who makes responsible choices and decisions...when they make a mistake, an error, or just plain screws up, they take on the consequences and the atonement process without expecting nor demanding a bail out from anyone else... who spends within his/her means... who sacrifices for his/her family...who chooses to give of whatever they have (time, energy, money) to their neighborhoods without asking/demanding media attention.

That is MY idea of a Hometown Hero.

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Thank you so much to those that have supported us, and thank you for your thoughts. While I do sympathize with the concept that you should not pay my bills, I have never asked anybody to do so either. I currently work 4 side jobs in addition to my full time job as a firefighter. My wife is unable to work due to her medical condition, but we are currently in the process of deciding otherwise due to the financial difficulties of raising a large family. Yes, there was a period of time where my taxes were delinquent. Thank you for finding that information and pointing it out. But, I am current with all of my obligations, and without the help of outside resources. There was a significant amount of money that was donated by the community during the build, which did ease my financial debt, But we continue to have the same mortgage as before being selected, and we were not given 100k dollars by the show or anybody else. We won the lottery, a game show, and yes, we have been blessed beyond belief. It has given us the opportunity to show the world God's love, and Toledo was given the opportunity to shine! We are so grateful for what the community did for us. We are trying to demonstrate God's mercy by taking care of children that no one else will even take the time to converse with. So, we don't care if we eat mac & cheese every day as long as we can help somebody. That is why we continue to take children, even though it is difficult financially. That is what God has asked us to do, take care of the widows and orphans, love our neighbors as ourselves... Hopefully this clears up a little of the misconceptions out there as I have read in this blog. Thank you again Toledo and everyone who had a hand in this. You are amazing and we feel your love towards our family. It has enabled us to reach even further with the love of God. Thank you!

thanks or stopping by.

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