Stainbrook appears to say that all BOE members should not be paid, even himself

I read with great interest the Blade today. What was really interesting was the photo of shredded paper without any context. One wonders why it was added and looks strange compared to the rest of the article.

The second thing I noticed was what appears Jon to be saying that Board of Elections members should not be paid. Jon does this mean you will decline to be paid if you get on the board?

"Both of these guys are businessmen and have many other things to do. Whoever is on that board has to make county elections their main priority," said Mr. Stainbrook. "Lynn Olman doesn't need $18,000 and the taxpayers shouldn't be paying for his health insurance."

Mr. Stainbrook highlighted that he is a successful media consultant with may clients in previous interviews and articles, which means only one thing...that if Jon does not want to be a hypocrite, he will now swear off any money too. Plus, Jon, I don't know if you know or not, but you have many other things to do too. Sounds like being the Republican head honcho, as well as maintaining your successful PR consulting business will take a good amount of your time, so it appears you are excluding yourself from the job, and if you take an interest, you will keep to you word and swear off all public tax money and benefits.

Someone who preaches unity would have a meeting with the two board members and see how they can work together, not ask them to resign.

Maybe the Blade would ask Jon if he intends to swear off all money and benefits and also ask whom he intends on appointing if they resign.

Of course the ending legacy of corruption from the Noe days always gives me a good chuckle, especially when he has someone helping him a very good example of this corruption, but we should just overlook this.

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Well, all you Wack hunters can see that since Jon is playing with the shreddings, that there is NO police investigation going on.

But you can bet he's juvenile enough to hold onto those shreddings to use against another Republican further down the road. It's been two weeks and he's still holding onto them. Why not just pitch it, Jon? Going to glue those shreddings back together?

It's crystal clear to me after reading the articles, speaking with Republicans and listening to the podcasts that Jon really should have invested the time and money to research what entails to be the Chairman of the LCRP.

Because right now he's doing it all wrong. He has the protocol wrong, he has the assumption there is some sort of "tradition of appointing stuff" to being Chairman, which he also got wrong, And he's only been in power all of fourteen days.

He's also not going to win the "financing of the Election Board"debacle either. There's two democrats on that board that are not only laughing in Jon's face, but they're enjoying the "Keystone Kop-esque" mentality Jon is displaying by putting his fingers in pies that don't even belong to him.

The funny started earlier than I hoped!

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