Rainy Sunday

As I sit here at Beaner's (err...Biggby's) enjoying a grande size $3.00 Latte (and their Free Wi-Fi) on this Sunday morning, the sound of rain hitting the window panes and the Sweet Jazz emiting from the sound system I am immersed in a Sea of Tranquility far away and outside the world of Political Talking heads on the TV, the reading of the latest escapades of Mayor Finkbeiner in the Toledo Blade, the sounds of gunshot ringing out in my S. Toledo neighborhood, and the lack of Global Warming in my current environment.

Life is Good.

P.S. To all you Mom's out there...



- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

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these last couple of days. I guess we should enjoy them.

BTW your signature image does not have the closed link code.

because some of us posters have "grown up some", and "learned a valuable lesson or two" about posting annonymously.

It freaking got to 94 degrees yesterday....and sunny and humid.

Iced coffee time!!

$3 for a Latte?

One of our local radio personality’s thinks that you buying one of these with our own money disqualifies you from holding office and spending tax payer money.

Apparently it’s a sign that you’re not good with money.

its funny that we complain about gas prices...but never about latte prices. I guess we only complain about the prices of things we need....not want.

I can get by on one latte a week, or none! So I cannot complain about a pleasure purchase of $3.00 once a week compared to $80.00 to fill my tank. Now, if I drank 25 lattes a week I would complain about it also. __________________________________________

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

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