Question? Crime, Toledo neighborhoods and Toledo Public Schools

Question's for those in the world of Swampbubbles...

What Toledo neighborhoods have the highest crime rate (pertaining to our youth)?

What elementary and middle schools in the Toledo Public School system have the lowest test scores?

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Which neighborhoods have highest crime?
I'll guess - East Toledo probably highest in crime: 43605 (they have the highest number of registered sex offenders - see links below)
Second place maybe North-Central Toledo areas: 43607-43608-43612

Which Schools?
I have no idea since I don't live there and don't have schoolchildren.

I think North Toledo would have the most child crime.

Elementary and middle schools with the lowest test scores are:
1. Pickett, 2. Fulton, 3. Chase have the lowest scores over a the longest period of time.
Middle School probably Robinson, although I am not 100% sure.

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