My welcome to the meeting today and the results - updated

6/14 First about the results: I just got back from the meeting, Jon Stainbrook did win the chairmanship. Matthew Bartow was nominated as the interim chair which was sad Stainbrook associates himself with the corruption he says he wants to clean house of. I guess it depends on who is helping you right? The vote was around 87/100.

Now about my welcome:
Also, as soon as I entered the building and signed in, Jon came up to me with two large guys and said, this is Chris Myers, I want you to remember who he is. He said it again, at our table a little later and there were other people around who can verify it. Of course normally that would be considered a threat, but he would not do that right? Being used to the antics of Larry Sykes, I just brushed it off and after the second time to told Jon, I am willing to introduce myself to everyone if he wants. Maybe I am popular and he wanted to show he was connected :). I should have offered to sign autographs or something. Interestingly enough JC Rendl from the Blade was there and the last time someone did say something like that to me, it was with him in the room and Larry Sykes. It must be the reporter :). Someone asked why don't I press charges. I talked to one of the big guys at the end of the meeting and he had no clue what Jon was talking about so it was not like these guys were willing participants.

I will post more in a bit about my notes.

I have attached some items from the meeting.

1. The handout Jon gave to all of his volunteers so they can write down who to vote for.

2. A promotional brochure from Jon.

3. One of my unused votes

4. A promotional brochure from Bob.


Updated 6/16 - some picts and a link to a video.

Some people have concerns about who was actually voting. I added some pictures from the cars that were sent. These are legitmate concerns.


Jon also appears to have written a song which seems anti-war.

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Try hiring six or eight Hell's Angels to do a little bodyguard work, and pull the same thing on him. See what he does. We're all friends here, right?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

but I am not going to do it. I was not worried about Larry Sykes and I am not worried about Jon Stainbrook. I was surprised how angry he seemed when he said it. It was not a good sign of being a leader. I don't hate Jon and can be professional when I don't agree. But this behavior is reminiscent of Carty, Larry Sykes and now Jon Stainbrook? Only time will tell if he got caught up in the moment or not.

I was not actively taking notes. Here is a draft of them.
I did not want to get there early, so I made sure I arrived right on time. I was surprised by the number of cars at the place. The parking spilled out along the road. I parked at the greenhouse 2 doors down.

I sign in and go to my table. Only 4 people out of 11 or so I know in Ward 9 and 10.

The first voice vote to nominate the interim central committee chair. Mathew Bartow was nominated and seconded then Doug Haynam was nominated. There was first a voice vote, there was next a standing vote, and last there was a written ballot vote. After the count, Bartow won 100/87. After getting the results (before they were announced), Stainbrook raised his hands and walked around. The votes really went down group lines. There were no surprise votes.

Bartow took over and next there was the vote for secretary and the vote for the ward chair elections.

Then there was the vote for secretary. I don't know who won it.

Next was the election of Ward chairs. I did meet a group of cool guys in Ward 9. We had a good conversation.

After this Bartow wanted to elect the executive comm chair. There were people angry at him not following the agenda. Bartow said they did not agree to the agenda.

Before the vote, Lynn Olman, Dee Talmage and another lady spoke for Reichert.
Several people who I don't remember their names spoke for Stainbrook. The lady, who I don't know her name mentioned that it was a disappointment that Bartow, who never sent out her mailing, was chairing. Stainbrook motioned to have her stopped saying it was not about Reichert. The people speaking on behalf of Stainbrook said he was there to clean up the party from the Noes.

When given a moment to talk, Reichert said he though everyone knew everything they wanted to make a decision. Stainbrook said the party has been dead since Noe. He said he respected Reichert and wanted him to step aside. He said the reason for the delay was the Party was sued the new recruits (of course that made a good number of eyebrows rise up).

There was a voice vote and we could not tell the results, then someone motioned it should be a written vote. Stainbrook won again.

Megan Gallagher won Central Committee chair and the rest were voted in on a slate.

Stainbrook then wanted to appoint two people who lost their election to the central committee. There were many people who protested this. Stainbrook said he did not care. After more protests, he motioned to adjourn. And the meeting was over.

It was clear that there will be a bumpy ride.

This is how I see it. Of course I have my own filters. I do think a majority (a majority is 51 out of 100) of Stainbrooks recruits are good Republicans who want the party to move forward.

My final thought is, Jon will either be really successful or he will hit rock bottom. Time will tell.

Wasn't she in the car with Stainsbrook at the Educare building? Did her hair look like this?


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Smile She has longer hair than that and it was combed-today.

Its not who you know, its who you blow...

It's appalling that there was talk about cleaning up the party from the Noes (who are GONE) and then they place The Stain as Chair. He should have been run out of that meeting on a rail. He's an elitist pig who has no respect for the rule of law.

Until the Republicans clean up their act from stuff like that, they're never going to win over disaffected Dems in this city.

Chris, you and Shulz (sp?) seem like moral men. Form a coalition, build it into a majority, and then take your party back from the simpering crooks like The Stain and The Wacky One.

Well, Jon has his chance now. We'll see if he has any organizational skills beyond lassoing a bunch of Headliners and Gatorz regulars into casting votes for him.

Too bad that he acted like a chump to you, Chris, but in my limited dealings with him, I have observed that Jon Stainbrook likes to play at being a street-level Goodfella; kind of like a GOP version of local Dem operative Dominic Montalto, but without the cajones to actually break someone's nose.

Unlike Dom, whose knuckles show evidence that he's been in more than a few bar fights over his colorful 50+ years with the party. Heck - even with Dom being 78 or 79, I wouldn't mess with him - he looks like he knows how to break a kneecap with a tire iron.

Of course, with all those no-shows, maybe Jon and his buddies were busy making sure that anti-Stain Republicans had **COUGH** unfortunate problems that interfered with their ability to attend the vote. Sounds like at least 40 people were missing, and most of those appeared to be anti-Stainers, while Jon must have gotten most of his crew sobered up after a Friday night's worth of hitting the local clubs. Of course, maybe most of his partier-army simply showed up in Maumee after carousing all night, and planned to head to bed after the vote.


But as Jon's faithful have reminded us: he can't do much more harm to the moribund local party, and even if he just drums up some extra media attention with his buddies at the Blade, he might help a candidate or two get elected.

Finally, maybe Jon will no longer have to moonlight as poolboy over at the Maumee River Yacht Club if he can negotiate a few nickels as salary from the local GOP. It will be a step up for him from writing about punk rock bands, suing STAIND, and clogging up the local courts with goofy lawsuits.

Jon will have some immense financial challenges once he starts. Bob Reichert loaned the party somewhere like 3-6k. That will need to be repaid and who knows what else is still outstanding. I know the party owes money on their Web site. The party may also need to move out of its headquarters, which means he will have to pay rent and find a new location. It is not going to be a cake walk and the less time he takes trying to get people back the sooner he can deal with these issues.

I think there is a pool out there on how long he will last before Jon self destructs.

I also know Dom and he is not as bad as you portray him. Actually I gave him a legit reason to want to break my knees, and he did not. It is a long story but we still say hi and talk when we meet. I think deep down he is a warm fuzzy teddybear. :)

I do agree about volunteers and party help he can't do worse. I think it is just the state of the Republican party as a whole and I think he wil run into this too once he starts trying to recruit and raise funds. It is always easer to say things. His numbers prove otherwise but you need more than 100 to be successful. The current party has about 100 volunteers too. Time will if he can grow the party. But if he has another MCO incident or two, he could be very embarassing for the party and could make it worse. Also, he does still owe money for passing a bad check at the Toledo Athletic club, so that won't look to good. But maybe this is the slap in the face everyone needs. This whole area needs a good slap in the face to wake them up.


Agreed that Dom can be a teddybear, and that he is generally a decent guy, and I have known him for many years through church. He's one of those people who doesn't need to pretend to be an arse-kicker, because everyone around tells you the old tales about "when Dom did this" or "when Dom got pissed" and so forth.

Agreed also that Jon Stainbrook needs to clean up his act now that he has hit the big time. Anymore sophomoric BS like he's so fond of and he will flush down the toilet whatever credibility he's managed to develop in the past few years.

Jon has garnered occured within the last several hours.

How long he maintains it is where his head actually is. He has many anxious trigger happy eyes watching him, whether he wants to be macho or not is totally up to how he wants the party to be portrayed from now forward. It's looking like moreso the attitude than unification, IMHO.

And whether he likes it or not, he only has one shot.

He's got one long staircase to climb before he can get anyone in any Republican Club to participate in the"refilling of the coffers".

His victory appeared to herald a broad transfer of power within the party, which quickly resulted in document shredding at the county GOP headquarters and a visit by police.
Police later said that Wack complied with their request that she return everything to the building until things could sort themselves out.

The officers said they only saw the furniture and printer in the vehicle, and did not inspect the headquarters. The county GOP is sharing its office with the Lucas County "Victory 2008" John McCain presidential election team.

There were no criminal charges filed Saturday, and police said there would not be an incident report.

"There's no crime," an officer at the scene told The Blade.

The person who I did not know who talked about Bartow Pam Hanley of Sylvania. The Blade article did not mention that she was cut short.

Anyway, who knows what else will come out.

Wack declined to comment as she left the meeting midway through, and later hung up on a reporter who called her cell phone.

With officers still at the scene, a group that included Mr. Stainbrook and his attorney, Scott Ciolek, arrived to find file cabinets ajar, boxes of paperwork on the floor, and a shredder positioned over a full wastebasket of shredded financial papers.

"The shredder was still warm. It was like the hood of a car," Mr. Stainbrook said.

Any word on missing silverware?

Really, this is unbeliveable. Best of luck Lucas County Republicans.

for dragging this back up from the depths of the swamp!

it's refreshing to be reminded who's who in this town and whom is associating with whom.

some insight on who to avoid and stuff, yanno....

Unbelievable! From the article:

«Ms. Bensman said she arrived at the headquarters to find Wack loading furniture and a computer printer into her SUV. Ms. Bensman said she confronted Wack, who replied that she was removing just her own possessions.

But as Ms. Bensman turned to make a cell phone call to Mr. Stainbrook, she said she witnessed Wack remove a crate of headquarter documents from the SUV and put them back inside the building.

Mr. Dawson meanwhile called 911 to report a break-in. Maumee police arrived about 10 minutes later.

Police later said that Wack complied with their request that she return everything to the building until things could sort themselves out.»

This party is a dead man walking. Why was The Wacked One even a part of any of this? Didn't she resign her post?

What is it with Republicans burning the midnight oil and altering or destroying documents? That's what that filthy crook Noe was doing when he was under surveillance by the state police.

Why was The Wacked One even a part of any of this? Didn't she resign her post?

Why did she wait until this meeting--when its sounds like she thought she might be alone at headquarters-- --to remove 'her' stuff from the building?

Gotta be more to this story.

There is a rumor floating around that the Toledo Police raided the meeting. I don't believe it because It would have been in the news or someone on Swampbubbles would have already mentioned it. Someone who was there please confirm or deny this rumor.

raided the meeting unless it was after I left. But at that time most people were already leaving.

The police did not raid the meeting. I was there until there were about fifteen people in the parking lot and the doors of the meeting hall were locked. You're probably hearing a distortion based on the police call to party headquarters.

And Mike, all of the attention on the Stainbrook side was mobilizing to get people to the meeting, including carpooling; I myself drove two others. There was no effort to discourage or interfere with anyone's ability to get to the meeting should they want to. Reichert and Haynam simply failed to produce enough support to keep their positions.

While I realize that you have a clear opinion of Jon and the people recruited, in actually knowing them, I think it's extremely unlikely that anything *unfortunate* happened as you implied. The end results came from near constant activity and organization for weeks and weeks. It was work, not thuggery, that made the difference. If you can present any evidence of wrongdoing for the forty+ precinct captains that did not show, please do so. The shredded financial papers and checks on Joanne's desk may also be a symptom of why so few of the old guard bothered to show up: perhaps in good faith they couldn't bring themselves to vote for either, so they decided to abstain by enjoing a really nice Saturday morning.

I think that is much more likely than imagining thugs running around slashing tires, and the owners not putting two and two together and calling the police.

I'd like to align with a real Republican party to support the fundamental principle of fiscal conservatism, but all I get around here is this crook-ridden pack of thieving little liars, Mr Myers excepted of course.

When will you Lucas County Republicans recruit and support a REAL businessman who's successfully operated his or her business for decades? The Stain hardly qualifies.

I can't say I was suprised to see so many sore losers stuffed in to polo shirts Saturday morning, but what realy kills me is the fact that so many of you still want to defend people like Wack. Are we going to have to start exhuming dead bodies from the LCRP office before you start to realize that something seriously wrong has been going on. How can any of you possibly justify her little undercover "eviction party." Shredding and removing documents immediately after Jon won the chair doesn't seem suspicious to you? Any guesses as to what those papers might have been? Comic books? Her diary? Poetry? Im sure it was something innocent like that, right? She is the victim again. Rush Limbaugh would have a tough time spinning this one. I'd really like to hear some explanations from some of you who are defending her actions. I was recruited by Jon, but I am an honorable and open minded guy and I will hold him to the same standards that I have held the previous committee and any elected official for that matter. I sat at the same table with Chris, and although it was obvious that he and Jon have issues, he seems on the surface to be an honest guy and I respect that. I just wonder if he was this involved in investigating and uncovering issues with the old regime. Maybe he was - I'm new here. It just seems to me that you should all be glad to have somebody that was willing to work this hard to take the chair. I know that some of you have "itchy trigger fingers" and can't wait for Jon's first mistake, but at least do us all the courtesy of waiting for that mistake before running off at the mouth. It looks juvenile, just like some of the incumbent "pouters" did at the meeting. Most of you were gracious in defeat, the kids I'm talking about know who they are. Just an observation.

Kidcoffee. I don't think anyone has commented on the post meeting activities. I have not. I also don't think there were many sore losers, just people with different opinions. All points of views are welcome here, thanks for sharing yours.

Sorry - my post switched from factual narrative to a theater-of-the-absurd consequential projection. I was poking fun at Jon's tough-guy persona, and this came through as muddled. I highly doubt that Jon Stainbrook did any more than brush his teeth and scratch his armpit after wolfing down his Cheerios Saturday morning.

My point was that Jon Stainbrook likes to pretend to be a wiseguy, but his actual record of political dirty tricks is most likely just hot air. He also has a ton of stories about sex, drugs, hijinks, and local GOP bigwigs (current and former) that are pretty salacious, but in the end, probably don't amount to much more than Jon's overly active imagination.

Of course, maybe he HAS done and seen all that he claims to. If so, everyone who has an "R" after his or her name ought to be worried about what Jon might say someday. He tells stories that make Coingate sound like a back-alley craps game.

I came across the above article with a link (I don't know if it was authorized or not, I assume NOT) from a website called

So of course I had to make sure it was registerd to (as I suspected) Chris Myers himself, as shown here... (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see his name.)

I believe it was Patrick Henry who said "we must all hang together or we will all hang seperately".

Invitations to rejoin the party are available at

or you can e-mail me personally at and help your party out this upcoming election.

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