legal system woes

Our legal system is insane. Wtol is reporting 2 men getting $100 tickets for walking across their neighborhood street when there was a sidewalk present..... because it is the law. Damn by now I must owe millions in un noticed fines. Then the courts this week decide hey it is ok to add extra penalties to your sentence, even after you were sentenced....... if your a pedophile its legal. Did you know that you could lose custody of your kids if your spouse did something 19yrs ago to a minor ? One local woman found out she could and will if not appealed. Her husband did not touch his kids but he reportedly did not do well enough in therapy so his kids are being yanked from there home before he " might " do something.

Reading stories like these make me sick. It is ridiculous how our legal system has deteriorated to the point of ineffectivness. It only works for the govt not for the ordinary man. Where is our protection from there abuses ? Is there any ? Thank God for the ACLU ! And my right to bare arms ! I will be one of those guys cited for inducing panic before I let them take me down like that.

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Walking in the street on the wrong side of the street that are bound to get hit, injured and or killed, while there is a sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. This was near Woodland Cemetery on Central. The walker stayed in the street till she faded from site, in my rear view mirror. I just happened to have my camera with me.

It the last year or two there is more and more of people walking in the streets, and not just in neighborhoods, but in the down town area, also.

Some of the streets are so narrow and people are in the streets, late at night at times, and some one is bound to get hit and then people will be up in arms, over another needless death.

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