Federal Gov't raids headquarters of RNC protestors

Apparently, just because it's in the Constitution (right of the people peaceably to assemble) doesn't mean you can do it.


The Feds were involved:


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I am outraged that this kind of a raid could take place. It is so antithetical to our (former) democratic form of government that it just shows how far down the path toward fascism we have come. Years ago, I used to be a Republican, but GWB has completely destroyed my faith in that party... not that the Dems are doing any better. The people in this country are being led down the path to authoritarianism, continuous war, and repression of individual liberties. The only parties that offer any hope for the country don't matter a hill of beans insofar as average voters go.

"On September 1-4 of 2008, the Republican Party is coming to Minnesota to celebrate their latest conquests in global domination and exploitation. We of the RNC Welcoming Committee want to make sure that this time the fear-mongers will be met with their own biggest fear: people mobilized, organized, and taking the future back into their own hands.

For those of you who abhor the rapid growth of racist militarized borders across stolen lands, the raids and deportations, destruction and commodification of our shared and living earth, police brutality and prison industry, fear propaganda and subjugation, exploitation and robbery of peoples worldwide, and all forms of injustice and oppression - we ask you to be prepared for 2008. This will require new alliances, strong networks, the awakening of those who’ve given up, as well as the mobilization of those who’ve never before taken action. Let’s use this opportunity to make the changes we thirst for manifest and take root before us, making the Republicans/Democrats (whatever you want to call them) obsolete.

Labor Day weekend of 2007, anarchists and anti-authoritarians from across the country gathered in the Twin Cities to develop goals and plans for the RNC 2008. This is what we’ve come up with:"


are not so innocent:

Members of the Connecticut delegation said they were attacked by protesters when they got off their bus near the Xcel Center, KMSP-TV reported. Delegate Rob Simmons told the station that a group of protesters came toward his delegation and tried to rip the credentials off their necks and sprayed them with a toxic substance that burned their eyes and stained their clothes.


Also tossing bricks in bus windows, assault, and other things. Sounds like they they are violating others rights to assemble. They should be arrested.

Chris---that was a different group. The article you posted even said so. St Paul is becoming militarized, due to groups protesting the GOP's dangerous regime. Here's more info.

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and that comment is referring to them.

Apologies. I misread your post's opening clause.

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