Blade's fluff job on Jon Stainbrook

I could copy and paste 1000 words and still be under fair use on the article in the Blade today on Jon Stainbrook. I think this is a PR move to gloss over Jon's failings to get Jan Scotland on the ballot even though it does not defend him on that part. If you do read it, you may need to glance at your watch wondering how much more you have to read. For a recent pool boy, this is a pretty good sized article.

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Could there be anything more damning to one's character than a warm handjob from the daily local?


lol - they should keep it behind closed doors

Even coming from someone (me) who has little positive to say about the Stained One, this is an especially hilarious piece of fluffery and a transparently biased feature. No mention of Stainbrook's status as an occasional Blade feature freelancer, no quotes from anti-Stainbrook GOP figures (or even Democrats!), no quotes from reporters and editors like George Tanber, Bill Frogameni, Joe Strupp, or Michael Miller who could comment on the Stain's duplicity/complicity/hallucinations on the various Noegate scandals, and the only significant quotes were from former bandmates, family members, and Joe Kidd.

That is, a bunch of Stainbrook cheerleaders. This was a happy-faced, Horatio Alger-type bio that could have been written by Jon himself, and one wonders what transpired behind closed doors to get such a ridiculous article printed.

I never knew JC Reindl to be especially in with the Stainbrook crowd; perhaps he was wowed by Jon's glib banter, or maybe he wants to score points with JRB. Maybe Reindl got a scoop we will read about in the next week or two, like another installment on the credit score of Joanne Wack, or some dirt about Dougb Hayman's colonoscopy results. Just when you think the Blade has outdone itself with manipulative political coverage...

Anyways, it's always entertaining to read the Blade for its side-splitting slapstick comedy in the guise of political reporting.

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