A wonder cure for 'Deficit Attention Disorder'!


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San Francisco - Have you ever wondered how the federal government can bail out banks and mortgage-holders, cut your taxes, try to protect Social Security, expand your Medicare benefits, and send you a stimulus check – all at the same time? These may be symptoms of an embarrassing condition afflicting political parties, banks, and households across America: Deficit Attention Disorder (DAD).

Unchecked, normal individuals (as well as politicians and bank CEOs) afflicted by DAD start to believe in money that doesn't exist. This silent assassin of fiscal sanity overheats your credit card, sells you a make-believe mortgage, makes your pension go "poof," and drops a whopping entitlement tab on your kids.

Fortunately, there's a new way to get DAD under control – without any of the cosmetic remedies prescribed by spin doctors. By combining an ancient Zen secret with a cure-all from your grandmother, our researchers are proud to introduce: Restraint®.

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