Bubble points: What they are and how to use them - Beta

1/5 Update: The backend program was updated to make it more reliable and to remove some of the problems we have experienced. Some of the fun bells and whistles (like User2User points) will be added when they catch up with the updated program. The items not active are highlighted below.
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Introducing Bubbles! The latest feature on SwampBubbles. I added this as a way to build community. You will now be able to earn bubbles when you participate on SwampBubbles. It's sort of like earning frequent flier miles when when you use a credit card.

Here's how it works:
* Referring a friend = 2 bubbles
* When your friend registers using the referring link in your profile = 20 bubbles
* Inviting a friend = 1 bubble
* Invited friend registers = 10 bubbles
* Invited friend bubbles recieved once registered = 5 bubbles
* Posting a Blog = 3 bubbles
* Creating a Poll = 3 bubbles
* Creating a story = 3 bubbles
* Posting a comment = 1 bubble

New Roles:
By earning points you can reach different levels. You get different privileges at different levels.

200 points = Bronze
1,000 points = Silver
5,000 points = Gold
10,000 points = Platinum
20,000 points = Titanium
Invite Only = SwampBubbles

Soon to come: points to vote on a poll

The Hall of Fame has done a good job showing which users actively participate on SwampBubbles, but this will be another way to have fun and participate here and to get a glimpse of who is contributing to the community.

You can also send some of your bubbles to other users (as McCaskey has found out). Maybe you want to tip them when they make a good post or maybe you are just being nice. Regardless of your reasons the illicit bubble trade IS welcomed here.

Who knows, maybe down the line there will be a way to cash in some of your bubbles for stuff (we can dream can't we?).

Abusing the point system (i.e. posting excessive comments that say nothing) to earn bubbles will result in a loss of bubbles at our discretion.

There still needs to be some tweaking of the points, but this should be a fun addition.

be the bubble rewards? more bubbles? a bubble bath bottle? a bubble bath sponge , or
a bubble drawing .

...BUBBLE WRAP! woo hoo!!!! (pop, pop, pop!)

Just so you know, bubble wrap is now passé. The replacement is the air-filled, plastic pouch, often heat-sealed in strings of pouches, which are then packed around objects in shipping boxes. I imagine they use less plastic and/or heat to form into padding. The good thing about them is that popping one sounds like a pistol shot, which guys like better for shock effect.

Of course, Swamp Bubbles does sound better than Swamp Pouches.

...you get more fun out of a sheet of bubble wrap, imho, than you do out of those new fangled pouches of air...

unless, of course, you're going to factor in dry ice ...

I"m confused. I gave one bubble to a newly registered friend, and the one bubble I had, went to the friend, so now I have no bubbles. Technically - I should have gotten 20 bubbles for my friend even registering, and had 19 bubbles left if this is how it works. I am bubble-less now..................... sigh.

You can use the referral link in your profile or use the "Invite our friends to SwampBubbles" link on the right. If you send an e-mail it won't work.

Will bubbles be replacing Karma? I think Karma was easier & less fraught with problems..

Karma let's others rate your comments, bubbles are points for doing things. You are completely in control of what you do to earn bubbles.

When I read of your unenviable plight, I immediately transferred my one bubble to your account.
Hope you rest better.


I just sent you 3 bubbles Starling, merry xmas

You can also send some of your bubbles to other users (as McCaskey has found out).

I really have no idea what you're talking about here. I sent bubbles to someone else? Didn't even know it.

Hey, is there a way to see who sent bubbles to which other users? That would be fun.

I'd probably just give all my bubbles to Maggie Thurber...

... that would be awfully nice of you!

And if bubble wrap is the prize, I promise to share...popping them with a friend is always best!

...many thanks! just saw the 2 bubbles ... you're so nice!

Yay finally an answer to the mystery of the bubbles :)
Now if we could just get some smiles LOL.

bubbles, bubbles, everywhere....... thanks so much everybody!

Please transfer all unused bubbles to the account of starling02.

Last night as I was setting up the roles above, the program sent e-mails to everyone who earned bubbles. Normally I would have set it up quickly, but I was distracted and many of you commented or posted items which assigned you to all roles. So a lot of you received e-mails that you have been placed in a role, but it was not true. I don't think it will do it any more, so the next time you earn a new role status, you will earn it (unless the program does not work again :))

Update: I think I have the e-mail thing fixed. I put in commas in the thresholds one had to reach to get placed. That coupled with above sent out all of those e-mails. Sorry. I think everything is fixed

nice job again chris, makes it more fun too. :)

Chris - How in the world can I have a -1 bubbles , as stated in your
'bubble tally' ?
Is this punishment? Did I steal a bubble? Do I owe you a bubble?
I'm so confused.
Not really.

I highlighted the part about abuse above, which you are now doing by posting all of these responses.

You can see what you did on your log at:


Everyone's log is public (if you have an account and are logged in). Transparency is important here.

All your points seem to be accounted for, I only removed duplicate posts (which will subtract what you received), but this system is not meant to be abused. It is meant to give status to those who are productive contributing members. I will be releasing what you get when you legally reach those levels in the next week or so. If you did not send 11 mis gotten bubbles to star, then you would not be in the hole by 11 now.

Be nice

every time he refers to Starling as "Clarice"?

That is freaking me out.

Repetitive little dude, isn't he?

I saw your comment about my posts to another person. Let me tell you something...
A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. zszszszszszszszszs!

take it easy or we'll have to put that face-guard back on you.

Take notice that I demand a trial, or at the very least a hearing, of the 'SwampBubbles Disciplinary Committee' to inquire as to the reasons why I have been penalized a total of (-10) bubbles.

I merely clicked on the 'post your comment' button on a recent contribution, and the thing took off like a banshee. The SwampBubbles site posted my same comment multiple times. These circumstances were beyond my control. I could not erase the multiple postings.

I was erroneouly credited with 10 or 11 bubbles, which I promptly gave to starling02, in view of the fact that this same systemic error subtracted from her well-earned total, and besides, she is a great contributor.

Evidence will be produced at trial that will show that this blogsite has been having production difficulties of a varied nature for quite some time.

Again, I proclaim my innocence and request a fair and impartial review of this situation, and that I be made whole by the restoration of 10 bubbles to my account.


Ok, being I have seen this behavior (never this amount) I am being nice. I gave you 11 points back (and sent you one earlier). But if something is wrong, don't send your points to someone else. I (pointing my two fingers at you like Dinero did in Meet the Fockers) am watching you :)

Let me know what web browser you are using.

I posted a reply to a topic here and for some reason it double posted but it did award me my 1 bubble. When I edited my post it took a bubble away and gave it to jr I think since it said he got one and I lost one.

So does that mean if we edit a post of ours we pay for it in bubbles?

I don't know about this 'bubbles' thing.

I'm seeing lots of comments here lately strictly about how the whole 'bubbles process' works (including my own) instead of people posting quality comments on meaningful subjects.

I realize it's new, so there are naturally some questions, but right now it feels like more of a distraction than an good addition to the site. Maybe down the road I'll see it differently.

That is what we are doing right now. Well, it is not supposed to change your normal behavior. It is supposed to give you more features for being an active participant. I am debating about how much access highly ranked users should get, but I have considered that highly ranked users can get some admin responsibilities like editing, although I am still debating it.

at making the site better.

I agree. Too much fru-fru here. Most of the latest posts are about the bubbles and rating stuff than anything substantive.

Thank you for your consideration, sir. I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 for my browser.
Hope that helps to debugg the process.

I saw this happen when testing in IE 7.

I just realized that I was misspelling your name in previous entries.
My humble apologies to you, that will not happen again.

Hey Chris...why when I edited my own comment I lost a bubble and it was awarded to you? But thats OK...I don't do bubbles anyhow.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

There has been some devious bubble behavior behind the scenes. You are not the only one to report losing a bubble when you edit. It is not intended to be that way. I am investigating.

Update: Even thought it says I gained a point I did not, so not quite sure why it is saying that.


Did the bubble thing get removed?
Just curious.


See above, I have been investigating the removal of points when editing and I had to upgrade the code. In doing so some of the bells and whistles were not updated. So keep participating and once things get caught up, they will be added. I stopped adding points to those with 3 or less tonight.

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