The banksters take out their Lugar

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"It's no surprise, but long-time Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar -- not even a moderate RINO but merely a conservative from before "conservative" was just another word for "crazy" -- is out of a job tonight. It's easy to blame Lugar's loss to a generic right-wing GOP rival as the work of the Tea Party -- except we've already established that the Tea Party failed to exist the moment that Fox News pulled the plug on its creation. So who whacked Lugar?" (MORE)

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This was all predicted by this man.


At the Bilderberg meeting going back about four years we voted to nix our support for Lugar and John McCain. We also unanimously black balled Wolfman and he has had it against us ever since.

Mr. Apathy

The Bilderbergs, the Koch Brothers, the banksters, the Tea Party, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers etc etc. It's all their fault that RINO's are losing and that the union choice in Wisconsin lost in the Dem primary. Keep your eye on the swinging watch, you are becoming sleepy, very sleepy, count backwards from 10. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 will now believe everything the union tells you, you will vote for who they tell you to vote for. When I snap my fingers you will blame Bush, the Koch Bros., big business, and the banksters for all of your problems....snap!

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Yay! The only reason Dems are boo-hooing all over the place, is that they thought of Lugar as one of them.

Besides which, why are all these oldsters clinging to the fringes of glory when they are 80 years old or older? It was LONG PAST TIME for this guy to retire. Anyone in congress for 30+ years has made a small fortune compared to the taxpayers they purport to represent. Glad to see both him and Barney Frank (who would have lost anyway this year) go. They won't be missed.


I heard that Lugar hadn't had a home in Indiana since 1977.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Maybe Lugar actually doesn't have a home. If so, he can draw inspiration from another homeless person:

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