State Rep. Barbara Sears Endorsed by Ohio Society of CPAs and Ohio Chamber of Commerce

State Representative Barbara Sears (OH-46) has received the endorsement of both the Ohio Society of CPAs and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, reflecting her dedication to supporting small business and promoting economic stability. Below are excerpts from these prominent organizations:

Ohio Chamber of Commerce, August 15, 2008 - "Based upon your own personal private sector business experience, a review of your legislative voting record and your responses to our issues questionnaire, and after consulting with employers in your district, it is our conclusion that you are the candidate in this race that has demonstrated both the best understanding of the issues of concern to our state's employers and the highest commitment to working to achieve a strong economy and favorable business climate in Ohio."

Ohio Society of CPAs, August 12, 2008 - "On behalf of our 23,000 members, we are pleased to inform you (Rep. Barbara Sears) that your candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives has been formally endorsed by the Ohio Society of CPAs for the 2008 fall election."

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Is it really news that a Republican candidate for State Representative is endorsed by the business interests who have led this state down the road of economic ruin? After 18 years of legislative control and 16 years of controlling the entire state government (before the last year and a half), where have these economic geniuses and their Republican political lackeys placed Ohio? Really? Did you see the latest figures for unemployment in this state? We are so much worse than most of the rest of America! Vote for Sears and get more of the same.

It's time for a change for District 46. Darlene Dunn will work with Governor Ted Strickland to bring fresh ideas that help the middle class instead of the corporations, their investors, and their supporters. The corporations and politicians like Sears only care about corporate profits even if that means closing plants in Ohio and opening them in the Communist Chinese dictatorship that tramples individuals and their rights! Only by rebuilding the middle class can we get back on the road of economic growth and prosperity. Darlene Dunn will help to get Ohio back on the correct path.

Is there anything more exciting than a self-serving press release?

Except maybe watching water boil, or sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office next to some wheezing, hacking schlep whose sputum rumbles like the exhaust system on a 1957 Harley Ironhead.

That sort of stuff.

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