Google Actively Focusing On Android Application Development

The competition between Apple and Google is getting hotter. To stay in the game it is all about having greater market presence. The number of applications being developed by Apple is growing every month and it is estimated that mobile app sales would reach the figure of $15 billion in 2011.

To meet the challenge Google is reported to be seeking more developers to work on android application development. Google Android is already on the top position as the most popular smartphone platform worldwide and now it is gearing up to beat its competitors in the industry by focusing on app development.

It was estimated in Oct 2010 that Android Market carried 100,000 mobile apps while Apple’s App Store offered more than 350,000 apps. Android wants to catch up with this figure as going by the industry norms the more applications you have the more buyers you will get.

For the purpose more developers are being hired to give more emphasis to the application development sphere. News are circulating that the existing workers have changed positions within the company to focus on app development. This would be extended to Google’s office worldwide and they would tackle games and other applications. The resulting applications would be free and have promotional ads that would contribute in bringing more revenue.

In this regard Google’s product management director Benjamin Ling is working to expand the Google team. Expertise from software engineers, user interface specialists, product managers and those familiar with how the application is developed would be used to work for the common goal.

The current statistics indicate that 130,000 apps are featured at present on Google’s Android Market. The report shows an increase of 500 percent in the Android application development and Apple’s App store offerings supply rose by 110 percent. The statistics show an inclination of developers towards android applications development.

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