A Good Teacher

I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Life comes from life. It might even be the greatest of the art since the medium is the human mind and spirit.The universe is a living thing made by love and of love. I shall speak only of my first teacher because in addition to the other things, she brought discovery.The earth too as part of the universe is a living thing made of love. She aroused us to shouting, bookwaving discussions.We experience her love in the abundance of support she provides us such as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. She had the noisiest class in school and she didn’t even seem to know it.And we recognize the divinity of her unconditional love and so call her mother earth or some of us refer to her as goddess. We could never stick to the subject.We must recognize as well that we too spring from universal love and as such carry a spark of the divine within each and everyone of us. She breathed curiosity into us so that we brought in facts or truths shielded in our hands like captured fireflies.Ladies and gentleman, We are here today to witness and celebrate a passage of life, a passage of love, which Ariele and Martin have chosen to enter upon. She was fired and perhaps rightly so, for failing to teach fundamentals.They have decided to become more than just lovers, but a family. Such things must be learned.Moving from onstage of life to another. buy wow gold But she left a passion in us for the pure knowable world and she inflamed me with a curiosity which has never left.You have been invited to be physical representatives of the divine and give your support to their union, so as to help make their new path a joyous one, one that is walked upon with wonder and ease. I could not do simple arithmetic but through her I sensed that abstract mathematics was very much like music.For truly, whether we recognize it or not, we are all family all of the time. cheap wow gold When she was relieved, a sadness came over us but the light did not go out.Therefore we deeply thank you for your presence as we thank the goddess herself for being with us always. She left her signature on us, the literature of the teacher who writes on minds. This celebration is not and end, but a beginning, the start of a new process. wow gold I suppose that to a lager extent I am the unsigned manuscript of the high school teacher.From my experience it is not the marriage ceremony nor the marriage that is important, but the love and friendship that you share. What deathless power lies in the hands of such a person.Those will ensure a longer lasting relationship than any ritual. wow gold I can tell my son who look s forward with horror to fifteen years of drudgery that somewhere in the dusty dark a magic may happen that will light up the years…if he is very lucky. With all my heart I bless you and trust that all will go well in your new life together. .My love goes with you, as I am sure everyone else’s love in this place goes with you as sell. wow gold Goddess be with you. Blessed be.

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sorry roger spammers are not welcome

The lowest form of virtual existence, the spammer. 12th circle of Hell for you, dude.

have to be the most ignorant educrats, in their field of socialist indoctrination.Zogby,polled B.O.,voters asking them who controlled Congress ? Anyone with half a brain and, not on welfare should know this. However,72 %,thought the Republicans controlled Congress?!? And there you have it ...utterly ignorant and stupid voters have put in someone who has murderers as friends/advisers/contributors/colleagues and now Cabinet members ! No wonder gun and ammo sales have skyrocketed...BIG TIME !

Sorry, Mike Coon/John Law/ Pkait Mann, ain't gonna play with you. I have much better things to do than waste my time with psychotic cyber-terrorists who enjoy torturing citizens who speak their mind.

At least before your court cases you had the guts to use your name - now you cowardly hide behind Internet pseudonyms. What's the matter - afraid the next judge will not be as generous as Maumee Municipal Court Judge Gary Byers?

Anyways, I have to get back to the business of "socialist indoctrination," dude. Carry on with your hate-mongering, sir.

Terrorist appeasers like you apparently haven't had the time to read the U.S. Constitution.No were in it, is anything about offending Muslim/ throat cutter/beheading/ American haters, who write like you or, that sawed off runt at the Toledo Blade. Cry me a river . And you want someone in this blog to DIE??! Typical far left radical vomit, love criminals and, hate freedom loving Americans. You bottom feeders NEVER fail, to rise above your miserable gutter brains...kill little babies and, kill bloggers who find you educrats, completely disgusting.Sounds just like the leftists Stalin,Hitler, Pol-pot,Mao,etc., you do it very well !


In the warped world of Mike Coon, there are only two possibilities : us and them. Just because I disagree with your racist drivel - or because I find your cowardly phone and email threats to be offensive and borderline psycopathic - automatically makes me a "Communist," "Maoist," or "Terrorist" in your book.

For the record: I lean toward fiscal conservatism, and I belong to no poliical party. The last political party I regularly participated in was the GOP in the 1990s. While I am hardly a diehard conservative, neither am I any of the leftist epithets you wish to label me with.

The problem for narrow-minded twits like Mike Coon is that their small brains cannot fathom a world in which there are a wide variety of political perspectives along the spectrum, and that one can indeed disagree with particular policies while still being a patriotic American.

Of course, it is just much easier to go through life blaming all your failures on "Commies," "Pinkos," "Dimbulbcrats," and "Terrorists," right Mike?

scum? You have more time than most government/ unionized/socialist indoctrinators have... another complete waste of our tax dollars displayed here. Tax and waste and tax and waste my time. Typical loser on the left, too much time on their hands, not enough brains to have AN original thought ! Three months off in the summer,every federal holiday off, and preaching DEATH , to other bloggers is the best you have??! I will bet my life that you were in the Glee Club, played clarinet, never involved in sports and, helped with the prom decorations .. along with the other girls ! Spot on ... ain't I ??!! Ninnies and twerps on the left...exasperating as real work .Ohhh, you heathens have no soul, who are you kidding ??!!

Get some new material. You've already used the band/clarinet/never played sports bit.

BTW, I played trombone in the band. I guess that's why I am too "weak" to attack an old man in his home because he disagreed with me.

attendant ,is all you are,butt-sniffers like you are a dime a billion.Wiping someones else's rectal orifice is duty, I am sure you enjoyed, thoroughly!

it's apparent nobody saw the "Don't feed the troll" sign.

As I've experienced with that loser douchebag Gary, these poor lonely twits thrive off this attention. They say stupid shit knowing the response they'll get.

That Ariel psycho and Phakit douchenozzle sit at home with their pants around their ankles lathering their stub with vaseline and massage themselves because they know the vitrol they'll receive will give them their "Happy Ending".

In case anyone was paying attention, I've not addressed these fools only because their mentality is no match to my wit and method.

And the only reason I engaged Gary as continous as I did was because I knew he'd make the perfect example, as well as his ache to rub by researching my past. He took effort.

These nitwits don't.

And as long as you keep feeding these poor lonely old men, they'll keep coming back because they're too stupid to do anything else.

Sorry Brian. But he insulted band geeks and former band geeks everywhere. There are many things up with which I will put, but insulting band geeks is something up with which I will not put. Band Geeks need to rise up and defend ourselves!

Besides, when all of you sweaty jocks were riding the bus home from away games with each other, we band geeks were making out with our girlfriends in the back seats.

you'll be happy to know I played violin in Mrs Heacock's 6th, 7th and 8th grade orchestra at Riverside, mister! :)

with this twink.PIANO ?! GOD, I am good! What , no Glee Club , with the other girls??!

you have the exact experience of the twinks, poofs,and streetwalkers at Jefferson and 10th ST., here in T-Town ! Such an experienced fudge packer, as yourself...and you call me lonely? Get a life loser, get a grip on something other than your man friends genitals.Then, eat scat and puke into his mouth ! Feel better, Nancy -boy ??!!

to conjure up such juvenile drivel? lol


I was curious about that also, Brian. Mike Coon's posts are filled with this weird homoerotic imagery and references to pedophilia, necrophilia, porn-downloading, and all sorts of unusual sexual practices, at least coming from someone who claims to be offended as a straight male Christian about non-heterosexual married sexual activity.

Coon doth protest too much, methinks.

I mean this is, seriously, a mind of a disturbed man.

It'd be easy to say how much he enjoyed being a rump ranger, a tubesteak tarzan, pole smoker, butt munch or cum dumpster, but again, he'd just retaliate with more discombobulated mumbo jumbo with his concern about my genitals or his ignorance about homosexuality being only in San Francisco.

He fears who he is, that's all. but it must be tough knowing he has to resort to a gloryhole to put food on his family's table.

Which is why I've chosen to keep my comments to the easiest for him to understand and not create an environment which would require his brain to seize up trying to disect my words where it creates a danger to the community, which with his past behaviour, could land him back under arrest.

but then again, that could be his goal....

I played a lot of sports until my skills did not keep up with the true jocks. In high school I ran cross country and track, and played basketball in the 9th and 10th grades. I later played a lot of intramural sports - I liked football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, but my lousy eyesight and gangly teenaged frame consigned me to this second tier of athletic competition.

Oh, and I also did some "sissy" activities like debate, forensics, Spanish club, and the computer club. My main thang, though, was music - I am a guitarist of several decades worth of playing time, and I can play just about anything with strings or keys.

And prom decorations? That was a great way to get close to the hotties, as I recall....

My days of athletics were ended by concussions. I was a football fullback whose heart was bigger than his head and the rest of his body.

I was short, but with very broad shoulders and powerful legs. I could hit a hole hard and use my powerful legs to drive forward in short yardage situations.

Alas, I had a bad habit of lowering my head when I hit the line and it cost me. My coaches worked hard to teach me to keep my head up when I hit the line, but I couldn't. After my third concussion in 8th grade, my pediatrician told my parents no more football for Brian.

When I boxed in the Highway Patrol Academy, I had the same habit. When I saw a punch coming, I put my head down. A fellow cadet dislocated his wrist by hitting the top of my head. That cadet went on to be arrested as a trooper for stealing cash bond from those he stopped for speeding over at the Fremont post, so maybe I paid him forward.

All I know is I never got knocked down or knocked out in the boxing ring. It was easier to take those punches on the top of my head than in my face.

so THAT explains the reasoning in all your posts. LOL.

That's only ONE explanation.

Why did I go to work for Carty? I'm still trying to explain that one to myself. Maybe I can blame those concussions.

fill anyone in with your pathetic past??! I , hope I didn't inspire you to recall your sad history.I, for one am not impressed, at all.Please, do not comment on anything I blog,or, haven't you gotten the word??!!

with this twink...GOD, I am better than good !!

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