Toledo Take Three......


I am not sure about you, but I am TIRED. Tired of reading self serving bloggers thoughts on this town that they really do not genuinely care about. It is with my heart, a heart that started beating right here in Toledo, that I am writing today.

Over the last week I have had a great opportunity to interact with people in this community and the common thread or census if you will; is that they are tired of reading from certain blogger (s) that write with the intent to self serve.

As I begin, yes another BLOG, I ask what do you want to hear about?

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They try to fill the website with their erudition, which puts most of us to sleep.

You must be referring to Toledo Talk. If you go to sleep here it is because you are old and feeble. :)

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Will you be identifying yourself? As Chris does here, and as what's-her-name (?) did at glass city jungle. Starting a blog is entirely different from posting on one. Frankly, it takes guts - but not if you don't say who you are. Posting various opinions is different from controlling a blog. You won't get a lot of takers if you remain anonymous. And there is something a little "off" about advertising your blog on Chris's - that's kind of unfair.

and politics of NW Ohio :)

and politics in NW Ohio :)

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