How to Finish Your Thesis in 4 Months

Good things happen when you plan things ahead. Success partly depends on how you prepare in advance.

Many college students are unable to meet academic requirements on time because they don’t know how to manage their time. Most wouldn’t prioritize their studies, and there are instances when the pressure to pass all papers or other requisites before deadlines overwhelms them.

Thesis is the final prerequisite before a college student earns his bachelor's degree.

Masters degree students would also complete a thesis before graduation. It happens to be the hardest. It can be daunting such that a numerous undergraduates are unable to participate in commencement exercises because they weren’t able to finish it before the semester ends.

Well, it’s possible to finish your thesis in 4 months. It sounds silly and impossible, but it can be done. Many people have overcome tougher challenges or endure difficult situations, so submitting that thesis paper before the term’s end is possible too. He must make sure that he allots two to three days a week for it.

This is how it can be done:

* A college student must decide on his topic and do some researching on the first month (of the semester). He can seek the guidance of his adviser or any faculty members in able to come up with a topic quickly. He can also spend some time surfing for data in the Internet or in the library.

* Further research, data gathering and tests can be done during the second month. It’s impossible to get all the information needed in two or three weeks. So he needs one more month to gather data which he’ll look into when he writes his first draft. In case he’s a science major, he can do some tests/experiments to provide additional data.

* A student can begin on his first draft during the third month. It would be wise for him to compose his first draft during his third month. This would make him avoid any procrastination during the final weeks of the term. Furthermore, if he needs more data or tests, then he can do it now.

* Revision and presentation of thesis paper to adviser on the fourth month. This is the right time for the student to show his thesis paper to his adviser. Any mistakes or missing details that he/she detected can be rectified right away.


Pauline Rose Barker works for an online publication firm for the past five years. She writes custom papers and how-to guide in academic papers. She sometimes gives tutorials on college students on how they should write their thesis paper. Rose watches plays and movies during her free time.

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Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Anyone who would pay a service to write their thesis or dissertation for them is not only an idiot, but a fraud. The whole point in such a lengthy research process is to teach skills, as well as to demonstrate that a person has the tenacity to complete rigorous and difficult tasks.

Utterly detestable.

Some interesting reserach on why is a scam. Let the buyer (read:plagiarist) beware.

I was just about to tell everyone to ask HistoryMike how long it takes to write a dissertation...I have friends who are in their fourth YEAR!

Damn - It took me almost two years to write my thesis! All that time in the lab and field work! All of those shirts that I burnt holes in with the acid wash!

I should have just had them write it.

I have been working on my dissertation in fits and spurts for over two years, SensorG, though the past two months have been much more productive. All told a decent MA thesis should be at least a semester-long process, while even the most dedicated dissertation writers rarely finish in one year.

Part of the joy of attaining an MA or a PhD is looking back on the hard work you put into your academic opus. It must seem quite hollow to simply pay some hack to write one for you, but I suppose some folks are more interested in the degree than in the journey.

Pauline Rose BArker must spend too much time watching movies and plays, as she notes in her tagline. She writes: "Thesis is the final prerequisite before a college student earns his bachelor’s degree."

Umm, not in this country., at least not in state-funded schools. The bachelor's degree thesis is a thing of the past...the long distant past. You could have a senior capstone project in your major, or a portfolio, but not a "thesis." I wrote two Masters thesi, and they took the better part of a year and a summer.

This direction from Ma Barker barely scratches the surface and wouldn't get you a "thesis"-level paper! I wouldn't give this sort of superficial direction to my college freshmen students...

Judging from the writing, I'd say they'd get a below average paper if they paid her to write it. Those paper-mill papers stand out like sore thumbs. They are horribly written, lacking in style and substance, and don't demonstrate the least amount of critical thinking and analysis.


that I have good spam filtering software, human posted spam will probably rule the day.

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