mr president

well if you havent figured out the scam yet here it is . they take 700 bill give it to bankers corporations and such they give it to the lobbyiests then the lobbiests give it back to the congress house senet so on they get rich it easy its called greed and its what you would do. and as for free market there are a million ways to do somthing right free market is just one crude way there might be a better one ya think. besides wich dont forget your on a planet floating in space traped in the gravitational pull of a controlled explosion called the sun in a galaxy in a universe where controll is an illusion and we dont even know what water is only how it acts. we work under the illusion of a plan and no one really knows whats going on not even the bible belevers wake up its a sales pitch act now or burn in hell for ever they even go door to door sales men with money in mind. later

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