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My bad new at this. I stand behind my earlier statement. Some of the candidates are sounding like teamwork toledo this go round. Yes its true others have tried this approach. But the problem was the machine ate them up. Of course I'll have my support and the others will have thiers. So anyone is open for criticism. I'm out here giving to you how I fell. Like it or not. Have A Nice Day !

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Quite a few people have run for office in the past before Teamwork Toledo even started that focused on the same suggestions, i.e., making Toledo more business friendly, reducing fees and lowering taxes, more transparency, etc.

Two things happened, either they didn't get elected or once they got elected they didn't get support on some of their ideas they campaigned on.

For the most part? It was the first thing, they didn't get elected. It's a nice attempt at spin to claim that anyone else that talks about these issues is copying you but even this campaign season before any of you announced, some of the same things stated here, have been said by others. Since I'm sure you'd like some examples, here's one from this year's election crop written in 2008

Terry Biel and Adam Martinez who both announced before Teamwork Toledo have made similar suggestions.

Going back to 2006, one example from Dave Schulz. There are also examples from 2007 during the last District Council race where some of these same issues were raised by candidates.

We don't remember days only moments...

Yes, I applaud you for running and do think running together is a novel idea but don't break your arm patting yourself on the back for ideas that aren't that innovative or groundbreaking.

I don't understand why Mr. Watson or anyone from Teamwork Toledo would put such a statement out there like this.

I mean really, who doesn't want lower taxes, less fees and a city that's business friendly? I think anyone in Toledo or in the country for that matter...would want that.

And then for these 6 candidates to run under the moniker "Teamwork Toledo." It seems that based on the post by Mr. Watson, that "teamwork" is only limited to those 6 candidates.

Mr. Watson stated, "the other new guys don't really know what to say !" I find this interesting considering every time you hear about Teamwork Toledo, it is just their spokesperson Milliken doing most of the talking.

I was actually thinking the same thing about Teamwork Toledo. The only 5 just don't know what to say.

I look forward to hearing the ideas of all the candidates, all 30 of them. (I am sure that estimate is pretty close to the number of people seeking candidacy.)

I wish Teamwork Toledo would run on their own merit, instead of hiding behind each other.

Lastly, we need substance...and not candidates making statements such as, "All candidates sound like teamwork Toledo."

That is a pretty blanket statement. A very childish and self-centered statement.

We see where that has already got Toledo with having a self-centered Mayor. We don't need self-centered people making decisions for the good of Toledo.

It seems like after the responses on this thread, Mr. Watson decided to edit his initial post.

What happened to when Mr. Watson blogged about candidates copying off of Teamwork Toledo citing lower taxes, reduced fees, and being more business friendly?

What happen to when Mr. Watson of Teamwork Toledo said, "the other new guys don't really know what to say!"?

I guess now Mr. Watson is changing his mind...

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