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Fred Proclaims, "I'll be Driving my Toyota Prius all over Toledo Today!"

Today Fred proclaims,"I'll be driving my Toyota Prius all over Toledo today!"

The Phony Confrontation over Auto Worker Wages

Globe and Mail newspaper
The auto industry is in crisis around the world, due to an unprecedented collapse in sales. And governments around the world (from Europe to Asia to the Americas) have moved quickly to keep the industry in business.

Truth to Power-"They're Shutting Detroit Down"

A touching tribute to all the good honest working people around the Midwest that have suffered so much
I hope this video will reach all America for all our workers

Responding to The Toledo Blade Opinion: "UAW must concede"

What's killing this area is the loss of manufacturing period. If our elected in Washington would not be stuffing their pockets from international sources and would represent all Americans Toledo would not be scape goating the mayor and our police and fire would not be laying off. Blaming the UAW and forcing concessions on hard working American auto workers will not solve this problem but will exacerbate the problems for all working Americans.

Right Wing Extremists and Michigan Militia Think as One.

Anger boils among Michigan Militia members. This group of patriotic Midwesterners sound more like an afternoon listening to local AM radio. Conservative Tea Parties rage across America and so does anger among rural Michigan Militia members. Their message: Revolt Take Back America....

When We are led to Believe a Lie

If you believe the Motley Fool and other “stock advisors” in the business press, 90% of GM’s losses can be attributed to the UAW which accounts for 10% of a vehicle’s cost.

The math may seem a bit obtuse but the politics is clear as fizz. The UAW’s disproportionate responsibility for the automakers’ unprofitability is based on the same sort of accounting whiz that led GM to claim they lost $39 billion in November 2007 due to “deferred tax credits”.

If it smells like b.s. and it looks like b.s., trust your common sense and skip the taste test.

Right Wing Extremists-WSPD Tea Party


Right Wing Extremists-WSPD
Department of Homeland Security DHS will be conducting surveillance at all Tea Party Protests. Make sure those in attendance wear some form of face covering.

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