Deeply divided GOP agrees on one thing: People like Trump need a huge tax cut


Deeply divided GOP agrees on one thing: People like Trump need a huge tax cut
This morning brings two major developments. The first is that Republicans are pressing forward with their tax reform plan, and they are on the political defensive, because the plan would cut taxes deeply on the wealthy — including President Trump himself — without giving any obvious benefits to the working and middle classes. And on tax reform, there is broad agreement between Trump and Republican establishment leaders on cutting taxes for the rich and corporations, with whatever disagreements may exist mostly lying in the details.

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to reinforce your point. And it's recent, too, from 10/25/2017!

To all of the delusional people who read and post here, I am truly sorry for finding a site run by conservatives which uses actual statistics to prove what Mr. I. presents, and with which I obviously agree. How can any average American really believe that a man who has lived such a privileged life -- all of his life -- would really support a tax plan that would help average folks at the expense of those who can well afford to pay their fair share to support a government which allows them to make exorbitant incomes?
Oh yeah...gut feelings again. No facts, just gut feelings. Well if grandpa or grandma, or mom or dad, or aunt or uncle, come to you to ask for your help paying their bills in the future should this "boondoggle for the rich" plan become law in its current form, try helping them out with "gut feelings!"
I am so old, that I do remember the days before there was Medicare and Medicaid. I do remember my father cutting a check every month to help out my maternal grandmother. A couple of her other children sent her money each month as well. THOSE are the so-called "good ol' days" Potuzzi and his supporters want to bring back! ENJOY!!

Double-post. Sorry, all.

Both McConnell and Ryan finally admit that many in the middle class will pay MORE TAXES if the Republican tax plan passes as it now reads in either the House OR the Senate version. Once again, I apologize to those who love their own "gut feelings" and reject actual evidence. First. I post a link to the entire article:
Here are quotes from McConnell and a spokesperson for Ryan.
Ryan's official statement: "AshLee Strong, a spokesperson for Ryan, told the Washington Post on Thursday that the speaker misspoke when he said everyone would get a tax cut." And, McConnell: "You can’t guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase."
In fact, under Ryan's plan, now in the House, "For instance, the JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation] found 23.7% of people making between $50,000 and $75,000 a year would see a tax increase in 2027 under the House plan."
And, under the version pushed by McConnell, "On the Senate side, a New York Times analysis found that 17% of people making between $50,000 and $75,000 annually would see a tax increase in 2018." Some people actually accept statistics. "After the analyses were highlighted by various news outlets, the leaders began to walk back their statements."
But, hey, the super-rich still have their gigantic tax cut -- the elimination of the Federal Estate tax! Currently it only affects estates worth OVER $5.49 MILLION. Now, I don't know about all of you, but my total estate is just a smidgen under this amount...ROFL! Oh, 99.8% of us will leave an estate of LESS THAN $5.49 million if we should die in 2017. Eliminating the Federal Estate Tax is something the Republicans almost always talk up as something they are VERY PROUD to do [for the top 0.2% of the population]. GREAT idea! Us common folks still pay...and pay...and pay...

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