Waterville Compressor OEPA Hearing March 16, 2016


The Waterville Ohio EPA Nexus Compressor station Hearing is Wednesday March 16, 2016. Hearing starts at 6PM. Location is the Waterville Primary Community Room, 457 Sycamore Lane, Waterville, Ohio.

Things of note: Area governments have passed over 14 resolutions against the Nexus pipeline. Wood County Commisioners wrote a April 30 ,2015 letter to area politicians complaining of their lack of representation on this Nexus pipeline. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq262/wolfmanwon/Waterville%20Compres...

According to dirtyenergymoney.com since 1999:

Congressman Bob Latta received $384,000 from Oil & Gas

Senator Rob Portman $1,187,000 from Oil & Gas

Senator Sherrod Brown $287,000 from Oil & Gas

Ohio state political campaign finance reports. http://www6.sos.state.oh.us/ords/f?p=119:2:0::NO:2::

State Representative Randy Gardner $1,000+ from Spectra Energy and other Oil & Gas concerns.

State Senator Barbara Sears $1,000+ from Spectra Energy, BP and other Oil & Gas concerns.

Lucas County to announce resolution against the Waterville Compressor Station.

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