Amazon pins big hopes on area wind farm

Amazon pins big hopes on area wind farm

Site to have 48 turbines when it’s running in 2017
Quote from article:
As Inc. moves forward with a billion-dollar project to build a trio of data centers in central Ohio for its web services subsidiary, the online retail giant will simultaneously develop a wind farm in Paulding County to help power them.
Amazon hasn’t said how much it intends to invest in the wind project, but economic development officials estimate the project will cost between $175 million and $200 million.

For Paulding County, the Amazon wind farm will be the third such development to go online. The county currently has 92 operating turbines.

Though wind energy has been somewhat controversial in some quarters, Mr. Zielke said it’s been positive for Paulding County.

Ohio is generally a back water to alternative energy. The state is bought and paid for by the Oil & Gas lobby. Its encouraging to see those with an open mind. We lost an opportunity for the area when Riga Michigan fought a wind farm. Millions is economic gain were lost. Paulding has 92 turbine and is asking for more. Looks like the negative nay bobs of Riga and WSPD 1370 are the losers for all of us. WSPD lead the way in opposition to the Riga Wind Farm.

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WSPD 1370 AM radio fought the Riga wind farm by supporting Riga opposition group. WSPD did not receive ad monies for supporting the opposition back in 2010. Today the Oil & Gas lobby, through the American Petroleum Institute, is spending millions on advertisement promoting fracking and pipelines in this area. WSPD is running these ads but will not allow the opposition to pipelines equal time. Before the ad money ran Coalition to Reroute Nexus (CoRN) members were allowed one interview in February of 2015. Now the cash is flowing from API nothing from WSPD. No discussion of this huge issue for residents of Wood, Lucas and Fulton counties. Where's the public service?

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see the other one in Van Wert and it is huge, especially noticeable at night when their red lights blink at the same time. Imagine 100 towers spread over miles blinking a red light at the same time, that is what it looks like.

Like all states, Ohio has a "wind map" that shows how windy areas of the state are, and that's a fundamental part of planning where to put wind turbines. Or so you'd think.

Well, Ohio's windiest portions are pretty much all where you'd expect: Along the shore of Lake Erie, particularly just offshore. Since Erie is so shallow, that's a very workable result.

... EXCEPT, shorelines are mostly owned by rich people, who will never permit their lake views to be ruined by such Plebeian concerns.

So much for economic sanity. The government subsidies alone dictate that wind power is a DUD.

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