EXCLUSIVE | Homeowners being 'bullied' by big gas?

EXCLUSIVE | Homeowners being 'bullied' by big gas?
RITTMAN, Ohio -- Some homeowners in Medina County say it may be the clearest proof yet of how they are being bullied by big gas and it is all on video.
Though there are counties across Ohio where natural gas surveyors have the right to go onto private land without an owner's permission, it has not been so clear-cut in Medina County.
A judge there recently gave Texas-based NEXUS the right to survey, but then later blocked that decision over an appeal.
So when surveyors showed up in Jon Strong's neighbor's yard, he called them out on it while recording the episode with his cell phone.
"So why are you there?" he asks. "Well, a, cause the courts you know offered us..." the surveyor begins to reply.
Strong states the judge issued a stay. "I understand that, but we're just following our directives," says the surveyor.
The sheriff is soon called and the surveyors then scatter.

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More local gas industry jobs going to out-of-state workers

Arthur Diestel, a spokesperson for NEXUS Gas Transmission, said the project still is in the development stage.
According to Diestel, many Ohio leaders and residents are in favor of the proposed pipeline project, as it would positively impact the state’s economy. “The NEXUS project will create thousands of local jobs during and after construction,” he said. “The proposed natural gas pipeline will be a backbone for growth in the region for years to come.” http://www.akron.com/editions/Akron-Ohio-News-2015-August-13/NEXUS_defen...

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Property rights in the United States don't extend to airspace or mineral rights. What is the law that governs access to private land in order to drill or test?

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