News From Fulton County: Charles Saunders failed to file an Ohio Supreme court merit brief on time

Saunders denied Supreme Court platform
Missed filing deadline
September 14th, 2015

Quote from article:
"The attorney, who represents himself and Fulton County residents RJ Lumbrezer and Roy Norman as complainants to the county’s charter petition, faults himself for the failure. “As a lawyer, I should have known ahead of time that this was coming down, that I should have had my merit brief in by a certain time,” he said.
Saunders said he worked doggedly on the brief through the night of Sept. 3 and into Sept. 4 but couldn’t complete it on time. His request four days later for an extension to Sept. 10 was denied.
In his application for an extension, Saunders admitted that, because he has practiced law only since 2013, he remains inexperienced in matters of both the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals.
“He freely admits that his education concerning appellate law and procedures is ongoing,” Saunders wrote of himself. He noted that his motion to intervene wasn’t approved until shortly before the merit brief deadline, and that he wasn’t aware of the deadline until 11 p.m. the night before."

On another note WSPD has been running ads for the ET Rover Pipeline and the American Petroleum Institute. The station has a sizable gain from the Oil & Gas industry advertising budget. On Sept 8th I sent this Email to WSPD Program Director Scott Sands:

I've noticed that WSPD is being paid to run an American Petroleum Institute radio ad that makes the repeated comment about fracking, "Yes there has to be a balance." This area which includes Fulton, Wood, and Hancock counties is targeted by the Oil & Gas industry for a revisit of the old "Oil Patch" of the last turn of the century. At this time we are being inundated with new gas pipelines using Fulton and Wood county as a pipeline alley. The industry is desperate to export our natural gas reserves to foreign markets to raise the price of this commodity and we are being used as that conduit to Canada. We find this API commercial particularly troubling because ironically there is no balance on this subject at WSPD.
I emailed you for equal time with an interview offer with Tish O Dell CELDF Ohio Organizer (440) 838-xxxx. She is the Ohio State Coordinator of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. She speaks for us who have petitioned for a charter government in Fulton County giving us voice in our own back yards that is now controlled by the Oil & Gas Lobby.
Please contact Tish at the number provided to set up an interview that gives balance to this important subject of our area.

Nothing no return Email, no contact to Tish. Second time I contacted WSPD for some balance discussion. Seems the local radio station is more concerned about profits over community good. Bob Latta was recently on WSPD and there was no mention of the pipeline controversy that is raging in Fulton County. I called the station to rebuttt Latta's interview but of course they were not taking calls. I asked the screener to have Scott contact me but nothing to date. Could the station be bought off through advertising dollars? You be the judge!

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