Rex Fulk tells you why you should NOT vote for the Springfield school levy

Rex Fulk tells you why you should NOT vote for the Springfield school levy
Vote no on Springfield School Levy

After the meeting with the Auditors representative James Pyers, it looks as though the main reason the school system is in financial trouble can be found on page 20 of the audit. As Andy Glen pointed out at the microphone, and as we have pointed out in the past, the State of Ohio has CUT the money it provides to the district. I quote " As shown in table C-1, the district received 8.8% less total revenue per student than the peer average WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE REVENUE GENERATED FROM LOCAL TAXES. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE AS THE DISTRICT HAS AN OVERALL TAX BURDEN WHICH IS RELATIVELY HIGH THAT CAUSES A DECREASE IN STATE FUNDING THAT THEN ULTIMATELY RESULTS IN LOWER TOTAL REVENUES PER STUDENT" Let's put the blame where it lies then, with the State. Our Governor is going to run for President, There are over 22,000 registered voters in the SLSD. Call or write your Governor TODAY and tell him he will never get your vote if he does not restore the funding to your school district. Again I say that if the residents keep funding these school levies with property tax levies the state will NOT kick in their fair share. Just take the time you're spending being mad at "our side" for not supporting higher taxes and re-direct that to getting the leaders on the state level pony up more funds. Try writing threatening letters cussing out the Governor and see how that works out for ya. Maybe steal his campaign signs???

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its school children. By law, he cannot even run for a third consecutive term as governor anyway, so he doesn't even NEED anyone's vote.

It's really quite simple. We have a tax system which has been declared by the Ohio Supreme Court to be Unconstitutional. However, we keep electing state representatives, state senators, and governors, who continuously ignore those findings. The folks we elect get elected by promising to cut state taxes. These cuts help wealthier Ohioans the most, and lead to cuts in funding, including funding schools. Raising most of the money to fund schools from local property taxes is unfair and out-of-date. It is unfair because school districts fortunate enough to have a lot of industry can get by with lower property tax millage rates because each mil raises so much more money when a large amount of the taxes are paid by corporations. It is out-of-date because when the property tax system came into being, a person's true wealth was often measured by how much property each person owned. That hasn't been true for at least 50 or 60 years! Wealthy local districts still will pass levies, because they know that their property values will remain higher with better funded schools and local services. Ottawa Hills, generally, has the highest millage rate in the area. How are those property values holding up in "The Village?" Quite well, thank you!

There's an old saying that fits nicely here: "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." Keep voting in those low state tax people at the state level, and we'll keep having greater burdens to fund needed local services placed upon local property tax payers.
And it is naive to expect that defeating this one levy will wake up Governor Sick and/or the legislative leaders in Columbus. With artificial term limits as the law in our state, they don't really have to worry about too many election campaigns, now do they?

Let's say for argument's sake, that Governor Sick is not successful in his run for POTUS. What will he do after his current term ends in January of 2019, since he cannot run for governor again? If he goes back into the private sector, what kind of salary can he expect to command? A couple million a year, plus stock options, and all kinds of other perks? Probably. And you really think he cares about the Springfield levy, Springfield voters, and Springfield students? Really???

Why do you care Paul?

You live in Michigan. If the people in Holland want to vote for or against a levy why do you care? It does not affect you.


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