NEXUS Pipeline re-Route - Press Release

NEXUS Pipeline re-Route - Press Release
Coalition to re-Route Nexus
March 23, 2015
On March 23, 2015, the City of Green filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) its much anticipated reroute of the Nexus pipeline project. This report focuses on the route through the northeastern Ohio counties of Columbiana, Stark, Summit, Wayne, Medina and Lorain. The proposed reroute from Kensington, Ohio through Lorain County is a newly designed, thoughtfully considered and properly engineered route that achieves the goals both of stakeholders in Northeast Ohio, Nexus Gas Transmission and Spectra Energy, its sponsor.

The City of Green reroute report was created with input from and is supported by the Coalition to re-Route Nexus (CORN) and endorsed by its members. The goal of the reroute report is to reduce conflicts by placing the Nexus gas transmission line approximately 1500 feet away from structures of all types and avoiding schools, churches, parks, wetlands and other sensitive areas. In most cases, the proposed new route will reduce conflicts of this type by a ratio of approximately seventy-five percent (75%) compared to the existing Nexus preferred route.

This astounding achievement of planners at the City of Green demonstrates that input at a local level combined with an understanding and knowledge of the conditions on the ground are essential to the proper planning of a gas transmission pipeline. The result in this situation is a Nexus Project that will be safer, with much less disruption to the citizens of Ohio, respectful of property rights and, therefore, accomplished more quickly and at a reduced cost to the shareholders of Spectra Energy.

The original Nexus preferred route is opposed unanimously by every governmental body and stakeholder in Summit County, by elected officials in five of six townships effected in Medina County, the Medina County Commissioners, the Medina County Park District, and many more constituencies in Lorain, Medina, Stark and Wayne Counties for reasons set forth in resolution after resolution and comments filed on the FERC docket (PF15-10). To date elected officials state-wide in eighteen (18) governmental bodies have passed sixteen (16) Resolutions and provided four (4) Letters of Support for the re-routing of the Nexus pipeline project.

We thank the City of Green and Mayor Norton for undertaking and leading the tedious process of locating a suitable alternative route. The work performed by the City of Green planning department clearly identified the shortfalls of the original Nexus preferred route and the benefits of the proposed alternate route. Portions of the proposed reroute map recommend placing the line near other existing or proposed gas lines consistent with the concept of Pipeline Safety Corridors, suggested by the Coalition, and away from dangers such as high voltage electrical lines, mine subsistence areas, high density housing, school and park areas.

The Coalition is continuing work on another significant re-route proposal in the western counties of Fulton, Wood and Lucas. This proposal will divert the route around the ecologically unique Oak Openings Region and its release will occur in the next several weeks.

The Coalition will continue to work with FERC, Spectra Energy, elected officials and stakeholders to achieve its goals and advance a safe solution to the issues raised by the Nexus pipeline.

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